Days Ago Congis and Left Liberals Had Become Grid Experts, And Now They Have Turned Hydroxychloroquine Experts!

India is fighting a battle against Corona! India is  under lock down and to keep up the spirit of people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji came up with an idea of “Lighting the lamp” campaign and he requested all the Indians to turn off the lights at 9 PM for 9 mins and light Diyas, or candles or even flash mobile light as a gesture to show our solidarity with the other countrymen. His appeal met with lot of positivity and the nation came together in an unprecedented campaign, from rags to riches every Indian citizen took part in this and proved to the world – WE INDIANS ARE ONE and of course we are unique.

And naturally, the leftists and Congressi had to comment something on the campaign and they came up with an brilliant idea of rumor mongering on ‘GRID FAILURE’.  All those who doesn’t even know the basics of the electric engineering started speaking as ‘Grid experts’ of highest order.

As if the humiliation they faced on Sunday was not enough, these grid experts have turned Hydroxychloroquine experts! Here is a fact check on their claims!

Now Congress, Communist leaders have alleged that PM Modi gave in to the threat by US President Donald Trump’s threat of retaliation. They have also alleged that this decision of supplying the life saving drug to other countries will create a shortage of the same in India.

Fact check on these claims:

  1. The decision to export life saving drugs was taken much earlier than the US president’s press conference by the Government of India. Trump’s presser was on April 7thwhere as GOI had allowed export of these drugs on April 6th itself as per the notification issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the government had amended the ITCHS export policy allowing the sale of list of medicines which were restricted till that date.

Trump had also called PM Modi to allow the export of Hydroxychloroquine. Looks like communists and Congress leaders missed out this fact.

  1. There is a sufficient quantity of all required medicines in India

India being the biggest producer of the hydroxychloroquine drug, it is also a humane gesture that India has allowed the export. Remember India produces 70% of the world’s supply. Hence there is no question of facing shortage.

Congress and communist leaders are busy in spreading fake news, fabricated news and also are  involved in the fear mongering. When the whole country is fighting the battle of Corona, these leaders are still interested in their political gains,

What A Shame!   




Dr.Sindhu Prashanth


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