Fake News and Lies spread by Alt News’s founders! How genuine is the self proclaimed fact-checker Pratik Sinha and his website Alt News?

Truth is bitter, truth is indeed bitter to the self proclaimed fact-checkers in India. Recently there was one more attempt to tag Postcard.news as a fake news website by one of a propaganda website whose co-founder was caught spreading fake news several times in the past.

On June 20th, the alleged fact-checking website altnews.in ran a story on Postcard News saying we had spread fake news on Rohit Vemula’s mother’s statement. To those who don’t know about the statement made by Vemula’s mother, let me give a gist of what happened last week.

Since the death of Rohit Vemula, a Dalit scholar –who committed suicide as he was frustrated with worldly affairs as stated by the Inquiry Commission— in the year 2016, his mother Radhika Vemula was in regular contact “Indian Union Muslim League” (IUML) which is active in Kerala.

But after 2 years she felt that IUML had used her for their benefits. She stated that “IUML regulary invited her to participate in a big meeting with around 30,000 to 40,000 people and promised that they would sanction Rs 20 lakh and construct a house for us”.

She even slammed the IUML with a question “In such a context, how can use they make promises and use it for political gain?”. She goes on to narrate how IUML had sent two cheques to her by courier worth Rs 2.5 lakh each and out of which one cheque bounced.

Radhika vemula also stated “Why are they troubling me so much. They can just call me and hand it over, instead of sending it in this manner, in installments and by courier. If they don’t want to give, they can say that openly as well, instead of harassing us in this way”, and her statement were a part of the article published by the The News Minute titled “IUML promised Rs 20 lakh for house but went back on word, alleges Radhika Vemula”.

So based on the report of “The News Minute” we published an article titled “Sensational!!! Rohit Vemula’s mother reveals how the Muslim League promised her to give Rs 2 lakh to speak against PM Modi, and finally cheated her “.

The entire nation knows how the death of Rohit Vemula was used to target PM Modi and the BJP party. Day and night the paid journalists shouted that the BJP is a brahmanical party and is anti-Dalits. So Postcard News found it neccessary to expose the lies that was being spread since past 2 years.

But this was not well-digested by the left leaning fact-checker Alt News, whose co-founder was caught several times spreading fake news. Soon this website targeted us and published an article titled Radhika Vemula terms claims of being offered money to speak against PM Modi as baseless.

Alt News’s co-founder Pratik Sinha claims that his website is neutral, but when people with nationalistic views expose the conspiracies against PM Modi, he tags them as fake news peddlers. Heights of hypocrisy.

Alt News and its numerous affairs fake news!

Now that this alleged fact-checking website tried to spread misinformation about our website, let us make an attempt and dig out the royal past of this website and its founders.

Let me remind you that Altnews.in is funded by habitual and passionate lairs such as Arundhati Roy and Sagarika Ghose. No one needs description on Roy who likes to tarnish India’s image globally with her lies.

Sagarika Ghose is the same lady who said that Hindus during holi festival threw balloons filled with semen. Later the forensic report revealed that there were no semen. But the fact checking team of Alt News could certificy whether there were semen in the balloon or not. Perhaps they ran out of sophisticated techniques to do so.

Who are the founders Alt News? Do you know the amount of lies and misinformation spread by its founders?

By now, one would have assessed the authenticity and reliability of this website. Now let us focus on the founders of this website.

Founder Number 1: Pratik Sinha

Pratik Siha who claims to be a free thinker has a history of spreading lies and false information with clear intents to show Hinduism and BJP in a bad light. He has even allegations on him such as invading personal space and even stocking private citizens.

Below is the details evidence on how and when did Alt News spread lies in the past. Read it,

Alt News or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation

(The above link has a bunch of instance where Alt News had blatantly spread lies)

Founder Number 1: The man who runs parody account “Unofficial Subramanian Swamy”!

Another co-founder of Alt News runs a parody account “Unofficial Subramanian Swamy” which hurls nothing but abuses at the people who posses nationalistic views.

Alt News co-founder, using the parody account had once spread fake news against former Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa stating he had celebrated Tipu Jayanti when in power. Later it was found out that it was a fake claim.

Below is another fake news spread by the founder of Alt News. Here, the parody page claimed that Modi government has approved 100 percent FDI in multi brand retail. The Facebook page also stated that BJP was against the FDI multi brand retail when in opposition but now has taken a u-turn.

This was again a fake news because the Modi government never approved 100 percent FDI in multi brand retail.

Look at the screenshot of the fake news spread by the co-founder of Alt News, below!

How much do you know about Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha’s father late Mukul Sinha?

Pratik Sinha’s father, late Mukul Sinha, was exposed by Postcard News, earlier. Yes, Mr Mukul Sinha had founded a website called “Truth of Gujarat”, which is presently handled by Pratik Sinha.

An article in the website claimed that after the Godhra riots, the then CM of Gujarat Mr Narendra Modi had visited the relief camp of minorities after 35 days. People would definitely question why it took so long to the then CM Modi to visit the relief camp of minorities? Probably this was the intention of the website www.truthofgujarat.com.


But when the claim was probed, it was proved to be fake. The then CM of Gujarat Mr Narendra Modi did visit the relief camp of minorities.

Pratik Sinha’s late father was a lawyer of terrorist Javed Shiek!

Let me not forget to mention you readers that Mukul Sinha was even the lawyer of terrorist Javed Shiek, who was killed along with Ishrat Jahan and two others in an encounter. The police have also stated that Ishrat Jahan and her gang were Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operatives involved in a terroristic plot to assassinate the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

By now the Indians who would have come to know what kind of fact checkers are handling Alt News. As elections are heading, the Modi haters will try to use this website to spew venom against the BJP and citizens with nationalistic views. So the Indians must be really careful.

Finally let me ask you,

Should a person (s) who had spread lies in the past and is spreading at present, run a website that gives certificates to other people on authenticity?

Massive Expose on Altnews founder!!! Prathik Sinha’s late father caught spreading fake news about PM Modi