Fake News! Dhruv Rathee and NDTV attack Tripura CM Diplab Deb, the man who demolished opposition parties, by twisting facts

It seems like the left wingers are unable to tolerate the fact that they are no more power in Tripura due to a commendable strategy of Biplab Deb and his team in the elections in February 2018. That’s why what ever statements the CM of Tripura Shri Biplab Deb gives out, the Modi-hating media starts to tag it as a fake news even if there are adequate evidence to prove him right.

While Tripura CM Biplab Deb was addressing the an inaugural event of a traditional boat race at Rudrasagar, he said “When ducks swim in water, oxygen level automatically increases in the waterbody. It (oxygen) gets recycled. Fish in the water will get more oxygen. They also benefit from the bird droppings. Thus, pisciculture will benefit and fishes will grow faster, that too in a completely organic way”.

He even said to the audience that he planned to distribute 50,000 ducklings to fishermen who lived near the lake. At the end of the article I’ll reveal if the claim of Biplab that increase the oxygen level in water is true or false.

Did Biplab Dev make a baseless prediction? Do the ducks really help in increasing oxygen level?

The answer is no. The claims of the people who were trolling the Tripura CM got punctured after A Debbarma, Scientist Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education revealed certain facts which most of the Indians didn’t know.

A Debbarma said “Duck-fish farming is integrated farming. Ducks’s excreta helps growth of fish. Ducks are natural aerators and help in increasing oxygen level and DEO can also be increased. This has been proved through studies”.

This makes it clear that the claims made by Biplab Deb wasn’t wrong. But several websites and individual twitter handles tried to spread fake news saying that Mr Biplab was wrong. Let’s have a look at the one’s who propagated this fake news.

  • Dhruv Rathee: The saviour of left wingers with his fake news spreads fake news once again!

Recently we had exposed propagandist Dhruv Rathee who was spreading fake news and hatred while the Indian government, Indian Army, RSS and lakhs were helping the flood victims. Even this time he mocked at Biplab’s claim.

Most of the times, Rathee’s fake news were unnoticed but this time he was slammed by the alert social media users.

  • NDTV: The habitual fake news machine mocks the scientific claim of Biplab Deb

The subtitle of NDTV stated “Since becoming chief minister, Biplab Deb has often been an embarrassment for his party with his unfiltered comments”. But it embarrassed its readers by mocking a scientific claim.

  • India Times: Tries to portray that Tripura CM’s statement was a lie

This website started its hilarious attack against the Tripura CM saying “Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb is known for having the most unbelievably ridiculous logic of various things in the world. This time he said that ducks recycle water when they swim and raise the oxygen level in water bodies”.

Later on after realizing its mistake, NDTV made an update to its report but forgot to change its headline.

India Today: Even this news portal tried to mock Tripura CM’s statement!

Even India Today, which was caught spreading fake news recently, attacked the Tripura CM saying “Biplab Deb is back. The Tripura chief minister, who made headlines for one controversial statement after another not too long ago, recently said that ducks swimming in water helps increase the level of oxygen in a water body.”

The Tripura CM Dhruv Rathee is doing a fantastic job after he became the CM and that’s why perhaps his haters are attacking him on baseless reports. Its high time that fake news propagators need to be taken into task.

Hansika Raj


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