Fake News! NDTV continues its age old tactic of spreading fake news, this time on PM Modi and Ram Mandir hearing

As days passes, the renowned media house in the field of fake news is inventing new and innovative tactics to please a certain bunch of people. This time it decided to spread fake news about Lord Ram’s temple’s hearing and Prime Minister Modi.

We all know that in December 2017 senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal had said the Supreme Court should begin the Ram Mandir hearing only and only after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Such a horrific move came from a party whose president claims to be a janeu-dhari Brahmin.

But I was shocked to see when I read a news article and a tweet from NDTV that claimed PM Modi said that Congress party wanted hearing on Ayodhya before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Look at the below tweet of NDTV:

“PM attacks Congress over Ayodhya case, says its leaders sought early resolution because of 2019 elections: News agency ANI”.

NDTV quoted its source and News Agency ANI but when we cross checked the tweets of ANI, we found out that ANI never said it. Below is the tweet of ANI:

  • Jab Ayodhya ka case chal raha tha, Congress ke neta Rajya Sabha ke sadasya kehte hain ki 2019 tak case mat chalao kyunki 2019 mein chunaav hai. Desh ke nyayatantra ko is prakaar se rajneeti mein ghaseetna uchit hai kya? : Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Alwar.

Later on we checked the tweets made from by PM Modi. Below is the tweet:

  • Congress creates an atmosphere of fear for the judiciary. They tell the Hon’ble Supreme Court to delay the Ayodhya hearing due to 2019 elections! They do everything possible to impeach the Chief Justice. How can such things be accepted”.

Not just about the Ram Mandir. The Congress party delayed justice even to the soldiers by ignoring their “One Rank One Pension” demand since decades. PM Modi also spoke on this betrayed saying “Congress delayed the demand of One Rank One Pension of our ex-servicemen for forty long years. When we came to power, we solved the issue. But why did Congress keep the matter pending for such a long time? They must answer”.

This proves that NDTV peddled fake news about PM Modi and the Ayodhya hearing just to present the Congress party in a good position.

Hansika Raj