Fake news planted against BS Yeddyurappa exposed – Here is what really happened!

The so called main stream sold out media had shown their dirty tricks during both Bihar and UP elections now they along with many pseudo secular and fake liberals seems to have rented out a play in Karnataka courtesy state elections are nearing. These paid media and pseudo seculars soul intention is to ensure BJP doesn’t win elections in Karnataka.

2018 Karnataka election is a mega fight for political parties. While it’s a do or die situation for Indian national congress party which is in its verge of wiping out after looting the nation for 60 odd years it’s also a election BJP is going to go all out. There is a massive anti congress wave in Karnataka after current CM of Karnataka deprived any facilities for the upper middle class Hindu families.

The congress government in Karnataka has sprouted a Ahinda venom among the hindu community their by dividing hindu society based on their income. While BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa recently announced his state wide reach out campaign to highlight the failure of congress government and understand the sentiments of people the paid media didn’t leave any stone unturned to cook up a fake story and make it a national news.

The sold out media published a story saying a man in Mandya has filed a complaint against that B S Yeddyurappa for practicing untouchability by ordering food from outside while he visited a Dalits house. It clearly looked like a planted news because B S Yeddyurappa was on a visit in Chitradurga and a complaint was filed in Mandya.

However the paid media like vultures without verifying facts published this and cooked up a conspiracy to create negative impression on the leader. While all this unfolded we received a video and a letter signed by the man who served food to the BJP leaders which totally exposed these fake liberals and pseudo seculars. The man in his letter and the video clearly narrates the entire incident. According to Madhu Kumar the resident B S  Yeddyurappa along with his ministers about 20 people reached their home and the breakfast was served.

While the leaders ate the food a large number of supporters were standing out for the leaders to finish their breakfast and head to the next destination seeing the supporters standing out in the morning which was clearly unexpected Madhu Kumar ordered food since the food at his home was prepared for about 30 people only.



He ordered food from Hotel to the workers as a gesture of humanity which not many in the state understood and when on to plant a fake news. In the video Madhu Kumar clearly looks unhappy about the way pseudo seculars went on to plant fake news which in turn has hurt the sentiments of the family. Untouchability is not practiced by BJP its in the mind of fake liberals said a BJP worker. Our party has worked for years to bring everyone to main stream of the society its BJP who has always stood with every section of the society said another worker when question on the fake news planted. This incident only exposes how certain people are working day in and day out to ensure BJP doesn’t come to power in Karnataka. However as they said the Truth always wins.

Tasleem Ibrahim


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