How fake theories of German and British pseudo-researchers are destroying India?

If we accept the British version of the history of Ancient India, the Vedic period started in 1,500 B.C.  How have Hindus survived for the last 3,500 years?  What is it about this religion that is so tenacious?  Hindus remain a credible force and practice the religion that continues to persevere through 12 centuries of oppression by Mughals followed by 200 years of occupation by British.  These oppressors stole the natural resources of the nation, killed men and children, raped women and enslaved the indigenous population.

Hindus came out of the cycle of oppression by foreigners in 1947 and since then they are trying to self-govern.  It has not been easy for the people since they had forgotten how to be on their own. Despite the destruction of the historic monuments, temples, and forts and deliberate misinterpretation of the religious texts of the Hindus by the conquerors and occupiers, Hindu dharma continues to exist.  The existence of Hindus however, is always threatened by purveyors of religions that believe in converting people of other religions to their own.

It then behoves that Hindus go through some introspection. Try to understand what their ancestors went through and the thought process they were capable of.  For that, we must review the basic facts of the historic Hindu texts and its teachings. This process, I assure you, will make it clear to contemporary Hindus that the infighting they spend so much of their energies on is nothing but a result of several centuries of enslavement and the indoctrination by the oppressors that Hindus are never one people. Oppressors have emphasized and brainwashed the Hindus that they are so different among themselves and one group of people is superior to the other and that they should not associate with each other. Hindus have unfortunately followed the wrong path of accepting such worthless advice and have been infighting for centuries and continue to fight to this day under the name of casteism.  They also continue to have the slave mentality.  The result is they never respect each other as Hindu, and they always are eager to believe and follow the foreign oppressors.

Over the last two centuries, the Europeans, especially the German and British researchers have rewritten the Hindu history in an effort to completely dismiss Hindu’s intellect, their great philosophical understanding reflected in the historic texts, their discoveries and their accomplishments. In fact, the rewriting is such that they want the world to believe that Hindus could have never done anything of intelligence and of any significance.  So they came up with the fake theory that the Nordic Europeans travelled through central Asia and came to India. They claim that when Nordic Europeans came to India, they found backward savages who worshipped goblins.  They further proclaimed themselves Aryans, by taking the word from the Rig Ved with a completely different meaning, and proposed that they settled in the northwest India and wrote Vedas.  This theory is based on the assertion that Hindus in India at the time were savages and could not have written the Vedas.

I challenge today’s Hindus to stop the infighting and fight to correct the history of Hindus by fighting the fake and baseless theories written by corrupt German and British pseudo-researchers.  Be aware that many Indians quietly and in fact eagerly accepted such worthless propaganda.  Unless Hindus start to stand up united for themselves and be proud of who they are one and all, they will be faced with more oppressors and more pseudo-researchers who would continue to rewrite Hindu history going forward and continue to wipe out all accomplishments by Hindus.

Vikas Wagh