Fakery caught red handed!!! Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh shares a picture of Pakistan’s faulty flyover and questions the Modi govt, but the Indians ripped him apart!

Even if we use a microscope and roam across the “milky way galaxy”, we won’t find a peculiar political party like that of Indian National Congress. Perhaps, this is the only political party that has no limits; no one can imagine what the leaders of this party can even do to fool the people. Why I’m saying this is because the leaders in this political party are highly talented in crossing the boundaries.

Few days ago, Rahul Gandhi had spread a fake news saying PM Modi has not allotted funds to the Indian soldiers to purchase uniforms. But later on, it was proved that this claim of Rahul Gandhi was a fake one.

Now, another man is giving tough competition to Rahul Gandhi. It is none other than senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh who had previously called crores of BJP workers as “Chutiyas“.

This man is targeting PM Modi using a faulty picture of a Pakistani flyover!

Now the fresh controversy created by Digvijay Singh is that in an attempt to malign PM Modi’s popularity, he has shared a picture of a flyover bridge and has said that it is of Bhopal. The picture clearly shows that the bridge is in damaged condition.

But Indians, please don’t be ashamed of your nation and PM Narendra Modi. The picture is of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. And Digvijay Singh is caught red-handed trying to fool the Indians.

Here is Digvijay Singh’s art of fiction!

  • यह है सुभाष नगर रेल्वे फाटक भोपाल पर बन रहे रेल्वे ओवर ब्रिज का एक पोल,जिसमें आ गई दरारे/क्रैक इसकी गुणवत्ता पर सवाल उठाती हैं,अभी तो पुल भी नही बना ।एक भाजपा नेता के मार्ग दर्शन निर्माण में हो रहा है ,फिर यह सब क्यों और कैसे ? वाराणसी की दुर्घटना यहॉं भी ना हो जाये।

But Mr Digvijay Singh, the picture was found 2 years ago in a Pakistani website. So, “Kuch Tho Sharam Karo”!

Now, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister slams the lies of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh!

  • पता नहीं इनको ऐसा क्यों लगा कि मध्यप्रदेश में आज भी उनके ज़माने जैसी धाँधलियाँ होती होंगी!यह वह हैं जो ज़मीन पर तो छोड़िए, अपने ट्विटर हैंडल पर भी पूल ठीक से नहीं बना पाए।

The faulty constructions were only found during the Congress rule!

Perhaps Digvijay Singh has lost his mental balance due to the never-ending Modi wave across the globe!

  • Do check your mental balance and then your source for this type of information. You maybe a so called minister, but still you have no right to spread fake news to create tension in the society. If you can’t do that, better stay put. Keep in mind and change ways for next time.

  • Another lie! This is how these politicians have contributed to the image of Congress. They are slefish animals.

Now look at this innocent lady. She believes whatever is told by Digvijay Singh is the ultimate truth. That’s why she is questioning Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and PM Modi. So one should note that the lies of Rahul Gandhi and his gang is fooling innocent Indians.

  • Why is the Pillar skewed? The quality of construction looks really bad. Nitin Gadkari @narendramodi Irrespective of who is responsible, this quality of construction is totally unacceptable. This is our taxpayers money and we cannot accept this quality of work. Kindly look into it

What is even hilarious is that the picture of the faulty flyover is being circulated in India since a year. Last year it was said that the picture was of Hyderabad flyover. But the Minister of IT, KT Rama Rao, confirmed that it was a fake photo.

He also stated on his Facebook wall that “This image, which is doing rounds yet again in social media, is fake. It belongs to the elevated metro bus system in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. It has been in circulation for the last one year or so.”

Even in Twitter, he wrote “This is not in Hyderabad. Neither in Metro nor in PVNR”.

Source: The News Minute

Hansika Raj


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