Deepika Singh Rajawat says she has no time to appear for Kathua victim, family dumps her!

Few months back, the Kathua case had gained international attention. The country’s name was tarnished by the so called intellects calling India unsafe country. The same people who had batted for the rapists during the Nirbaya case, gave lectures about protecting women in India.

Some of the so called liberals made this into a political battle and tried to blame PM Modi directly for the incident. The lady who took up the Kathua case was Deepika Singh Rajawat turned a celebrity overnight. She who posed herself as a champion of women rights blamed every possible BJP member. Although there were many speculation and controversies surrounding the Kathua case, the paid highlighted only edited stories of the case.

But now the Kathua victim lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat has been dumped by the family members expressing serious doubts and concern about their lawyer intentions.

In an application filed before the trial court in Pathankot Wednesday, the girl’s father said Rajawat won’t be representing them in the case anymore. According to Mubeen Farooky, another lawyer appearing for the victim’s family, the application was moved by the victim’s father since Rajawat had “no time” to appear in the case — she has appeared only twice in the last several months.

“More than 110 hearings in the case have taken place and more than 100 witnesses have been examined. But Rajawat has appeared in the case only twice. She has been claiming that she is receiving life threats because she has to appear in the case. It was decided that it is best to relieve her of this responsibility,” Farooky told ThePrint.

So, out of 110 hearings, the lawyer had attended only 2 hearings till now said the father.

“Keeping in view her apprehension and non- appearance in this case…I hereby withdraw my power of attorney issued to Deepika Singh Rajawat and now she is not my advocate.”

When Rajawat was questioned on the allegations by victim’s father, she said the case was being handled very well by a battery of senior lawyers. “There are two super senior prosecutors conducting the trial. They have far more experience than I have in handling criminal cases,” she told ThePrint.

“I had wanted to go to the trial at least once a week, but it is not possible for me to go to Pathankot every day — I have to take care of my daughter. If I travel to Pathankot every day, which is 200 kilometers away, I will not be able to take care of my own practice.

“It was unfortunate that such a request was made by the victim’s father. But I have no grudge against anyone. I did what I thought needed to be done at that crucial stage, and everyone was scared to come forward. I am standing by the family.”

The big question hear is, whether lawyer who claimed to get justice give family reasons and escape from her duty. The lawyers were paid huge and hefty amounts to fight the case, so where did all the money go?

Seems like the lawyer gained all publicity she wanted and now wants to discharge herself away from duties as something doesn’t look right. The entire plan according to locals was to malign Hindu families in Jammu and there by thrown the natives out of their land just like how they did to Kashmiri Pandits.

The developments looks like a ploy just to malign Modi government and no one actually was serious about getting justice to the victim as she was just used a a bait.

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