Family of India’s first freedom fighter, Mangal Pandey, supports BJP and PM Modi

In past few weeks, a huge number of veterans from the Indian Armed Force have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Now the family of India’s first freedom fighter, the great Mangal Pandey, has endorsed PM Modi. Praising the schemes and efforts of the Modi government, Santosh Kumar Pandey and Prabhu Nath Pandey, the fifth generation descendants of Mangal Pandey have openly come out in support of PM Modi.

Prabhu Nath Pandey revealed why Mangal Pandey’s family are impressed by the Modi government. He stated “The BJP has done such work. Like the Ujjwala Yojana, he got us electricity, gave everyone homes, provided facilities to farmers and carried out surgical strikes where they entered Pakistan and killed those who killed our soldiers. If we are sitting safely today in free India it is because the trust we have in Narendra Modi government. They even gave respect to the freedom fighters”.

Santosh Pandey, who currently works as a school teacher, said that comparison cannot be done between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi, stating “There is a huge difference between them”. Over 14 years back, a film was made on Mangal Pandey starring Bollywood actor Amir Khan. But Mangal Pandey’s family had opposed it and had climbed the stairs of court stating that the historical chararcters were distorted. Speaking on this, he said “Santosh Kumar Pandey, who works as a school teacher, stated “There were objections to parts of the movie. That is past now. But we hope that Narendra Modiji will restore honour to Mangal Pandeyji one day by releasing a postal ticket on him and by installing his statue inside Parliament”.

Mangal Pandey’s family currently resides in Ballia of Uttar Pradesh. One of the family member of Mangal Pandey revaled that conditions were pathetic during previous regime by stating “Conditions were very poor. The condition of roads, railways, everything is good now. Image of Ballia was totally different and was very untidy from every aspect. But now there is a clean and neat image of Ballia which is far better than what it was earlier”.