This (in) famous comedian asked “If Modi doesn’t perform sex, why should others stop having sex”? Do you know what happened later?

Till date, if not the person, at least the designation was respected but today, in a bid to suppress the publicity of one individual; few intellects have crossed all the limits. Yes, the intellects have stooped all time low to tarnish the image of PM Modi.

Since the sex tape of Hardik Patel went viral, the defence of the Congress party has completely collapsed. But Hardik Patel is the only weapon of the Congress as Rahul Gandhi’s blunder (extract gold by stuffing potato into a machine) went viral.

Now look at the tweet of this comedian named Kunal Kamra. “Modiji sex nahi karte toh ab sab log sex karna chod de kya?” (Should every stop doing sex as Modi doesn’t perform sex)

Kunal Kamra has reached a level from where teaching him the basic manners is impossible. But twitterati decided to teach him a lesson for disrespecting the Prime Minister of the nation but in a different style.

Hardik Patel is caught in series of sex tapes but pseudos are trolling PM Modi!!!Pathetic logic!!!

Yes, the 24-year-old Patidar leader who claimed to ensure reservations to the Patidar community was caught having sex nearly half a dozen times. But why are the Congress-led opposition blaming PM Modi? The self-proclaimed stand-up comedian is the new addition to this brigade.

This twitterati named Rishi Bagree ripped away Kunal Kamra for his derogatory remarks. He tweeted “Who said “Modiji sex nahi karte” ??? The way Modi has fucked up entire opposition including Congress all over in last 3 years, a life size condom is well required to protect Pappu & his pack”.


Kunal Kamra spews venoom!!!

This man claims to be a comedian but acts like a mouthpiece of the Congress-led opposition. He thinks that abusing and trolling PM Modi is the modern day comedy.

Kunal Kamra should go and impress his pseudo seculars at JNU instead of degrading himself.

Failed Comedian always crying for attention!!!

This how another twitterati trolled Kunal Kamra after he made a failed attempt to suppress PM Modi’s popularity.

Let us apply the same logic of Kunal Kamra in many other ways!!! PM Modi works for 18 hours a day, why can’t Rahul Gandhi do the same? PM Modi never did corruption, why can’t Congress follow PM Modi?

Perhaps, Kunal Kamra was the most suffered due to PM Modi’s demonetization move. Below tweet explains why he suffered in demonetization.

The below reply is really hilarious!!! “Sex to Dog b karte hai. Giving up on it to serve nation requires will power and determination”. Sadly, reel and real-life comedians will never understand this.

Have a look at another tweet of Kunal Kamra. Did he mean that PM Modi can’t win any election without chanting Rahul Gandhi’s name? The suitable reply for this is ‘Ha ha ha’!!!

The below twitterati gave a perfect reply to Kunal Kamra’s above tweet!!! “Good Joke Bro ?? But just as a Foolish Bhakt, let me tell you that Modi in his speech never takes anyone’s name and still wins elections ??”. 

Hansika Raj


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