Fantastic Work!!! Indians hacked Pakistani Govt website and posted India’s National Anthem

Independence Day is approaching and preparation is going on in full swing. But Pakistan has pushed Indians on the back foot in this preparation. Pakistan government’s website had played Indian National anthem and displayed its patriotism towards India. One may be shocked and surprised to see how a nation who always waits for an opportunity to attack India can do this?

Yes, this happened yesterday and all credits go to the Indian hackers who did this amazing work. Ashoka Chakra in Tricolour, along with Indian Independence Day message was posted in the website at around 1500 hours IST. Later the site was restored by Pakistan.

The greetings’ headline read “15 August, Happy Independence Day”. The message posted thereafter read “Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words…Pride in our Souls…Let’s salute those great men, who made this possible”.

The message was followed by the Indian national anthem “Jana Gana Mana…”

There was no official response from the Foreign Office in Islamabad and the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. This was not the first time as it was done even two months ago.

When Pakistan gave death sentence to former Indian Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav on fake spying charges, around thirty Pakistani government websites were hacked.

“All the hacking in Pakistan was part of our operation ‘Justice for Kulbhushan Jadhav’, said one of the hacker to Mail Today.

The Kerala Cyber Warriors hacked the website of Pakistan Academy for Rural Development. The website’s main page is warped in a way that it displays a message demanding ‘justice for Kulbhushan Jadhav Ji’.

Bunch of young guys are working on spreading India’s messages throughout the world but singers like Mika Singh want to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day and called “Hamara Pak” (Our Pakistan). So, what does he want to prove by doing this? His event is scheduled to perform in Houston on August 12, ahead of the independence day of Pakistan that too free of cost.

Nishika Ram