Farm land owner with 1000 acres stage a protest to destabilize BJP government, Read to know how Congress is using dirty tricks!

Why do farmers protest? When their crops fail or the prices for their crops are below par in the market, they demand government to intervene and support them. But have you seen farmers who have heavy bank balance protesting asking the government to waive off their loans and so on? This is what happened in Madhya Pradesh. The farmers protest was hijacked by the Congress and turned into a violent protest.

Congress is losing its political forts one by one. So it planned a riot in the place where the farmers were the richest.  In few pictures we had seen how masked men had entered into the protest. By the way, why do farmers cover their face if they want to conduct a peaceful protest?

Reason is clear, Congress want to attack Modi government somehow. But Modi and his team is not committing any mistakes or scams like the Congress. So the only option which is available is to create riot.

As soon as there was death in Madhya Pradesh as violence broke out, Congress started to organise protests across the country. It organised a protest even in Tamil Nadu. But look at the creativity of Congress.

Congress approached a rich farm land owner. This owner has more than 1000 acres of fertile land in Tamil Nadu. People will definitely pay heed when it comes to farmers issues. But they dont know that these are not the farmers those who are suffering.

This rich farm owner gathered his several farm land workers and began the protest. They got pretty good media coverage also. They said that they are condemning the act of Madhya Pradesh government that killed the few farmers. But the reality is that these protestors are funded by DMK and Congress.

An opposition party’s responsibility is to correct the mistakes of the ruling government and join hands with it to make our nation a better place. But here the opposition is whole heartly trying to spoil the peace in the society. This is the century old Congress party which always shout that they are the one who freed India from the hands of the British.

Thanks to the people who voted for Congress and kept it in power for 70 years.

Vikrant Raj