Farmer tweets to PM Modi and gets his problem solved within hours!

Prime Minister Modi has revolutionized the use of Twitter in enabling effective governance for the common man. His ministers too have followed the same path in solving the problems of people via social media.

On June 14, a farmer wrote about a distressful situation to Prime Minister Modi on Twitter. He appealed to the prime minister to help him solve the issue after he got no response from GESCOM (Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company) despite intimating them several times.

Vijay Kumar Yatnalli, a resident of Betageri village in Koppala, was troubled because of an electric pole erected in the middle of his field which had become bent. It was hampering ploughing of the field especially during the rainy season.

Following is his tweet –

Within 24 hours, GESCOM men – the very people who were ignoring Vijay – arrived at his field and removed the pole.

Twitter has proven to be a great tool both for this government and the people. Getting heard in government offices is still not an easy task; time delays, corruption, lack of will of some officers to solve everyday problems of people, are still prevalent issues.

Also, the interaction that the common man has at government offices is with low-level officers who at times don’t possess the power to solve problems with alacrity.

Twitter has changed this. There is no element of corruption and no waiting in long lines to be heard. It also enables the common man to reach out not only to ministers in a state or at the centre, but even directly to the prime minister.

This is an integral part of Prime Minister Modi’s ‘less government, more governance’ working ethic, but is not recognised by most people. Elaborate offices and dozens of staff are not always necessary for governance; sometimes all ministers need is a Twitter account and the desire to help people.


This is really a good reason to cheer as PM official handle has really become a source to solve people’s problem.

Vinayak Jain