Farmers get arrest warrant as CM Kumaraswamy fails to keep his promise on farm loan waiver in Karnataka!

Six months back, when the JDS and Congress formed the government despite not getting mandate in Karnataka, they made big announcements about helping farmers, helping poor and what not.

Chief Minister Kumaraswamy who became CM, promised to waive off farmers loan within few days and said he would give many other benefits to women, students and senior citizens But until now not one promise has been fulfilled and farmers loan have still have still not been waived off.

Farmers who trusted the government and made loans are now facing arrest warrant as the banks haven’t received the interest rates nor the principle amount from the farmers or the government. The banks have given final warning to farmers to repay the loans or face arrest. But the government seems to have not bothered about the situation and is silently trying to escape from the responsibility. Angry farmers are now threatening to gherao Vidhana Soudha as they haven’t received any response from CM.

But shockingly the finance department of Karnataka as said loan waiver was only for crop loans and not other kinds of farm loans which has further shocked the farmers who are now in a fix.


The Congress which is the ally of JDS in Karnataka also had promised to waive off farm loans before elections. Rahul Gandhi who was speaking in Chambal had falsely boasted that he had directed the Karnataka government to waive off loans in 10 days and the government had fulfilled its promise. But in reality the Karnataka government had not even started the process of farm loan waiver while the CM is happily enjoying the temple trips wasting public money.

It is a shame that Rahul Gandhi rants lies on every front on every platform thinking people are fools. Unless politicians are made answerabke for their talks and conduct, this is bound to continue in our political system.

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