Farmers march to Mumbai was just a High- Profile drama!!! Real target of Communists, Christians and Islam are the Hindus

India is the only country where the majority Hindus have lesser rights than the minorities. Yet it is accused of oppressing the minorities by the black oppressing USA. While Churches & Mosques are free to survive and administrate, temples are controlled by the State government. Hinduism is on a serious target.

Farmers are far better off today than ever before. These are fake farmer protests. Mass loan waiver is stupidity. Every Gram Panchayat can identify a TRULY DISTRESSED FAMILY in a village and provide help and hear their grievances.

The protest in Mumbai has been called off after the farmers reached an agreement with the Devendra Fadnavis government. The government has agreed to give a written draft of the solutions to their concerns within the next two months. A 12-member delegation of the protesting farmers had met a six-member government committee, even as a statement by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis angered the farmers further.

In what may snowball into another controversy, BJP MP Poonam Majahan called the protesting farmers “urban Maoists”. The farmers, who have banded together under the Left-affiliated All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), reached Mumbai yesterday afternoon after a gruelling 180km journey for six days from Nashik.

True face of anti-hindu revealed. They want only temple lands. These ANTI-NATIONAL’s should know that it is not the property of their Murderous leaders Lenin Stalin or Mao to be distributed to your followers. It’s the same loot similar to what happened in Kerala of looting more than 5 lakh acres of land. The cunning games of Communists, Christians and Islam against the Hindus.

This is literally surprisingly to watch. Since when did extortionists and murderers become Farmer’s friends? In last 60 years ever saw it?

30,000 Farmers r walking to Mumbai for Loan waiver with Red Caps & Flags?
Avg Cost of 1 Cap = 20
1Flag = 50
20k Caps = 4 Lakhs
10K Flags = 5 Lakhs
Total cost = 9 Lakhs
20rs x 3 meals/day
60r x 30,000 = Rs.18, 00,000/day
Rs18, 00,000 x 7days = 1.26 Cr
Who is sponsoring them?



The farmers are demanding a broader debt waiver program after some of them failed to qualify for any financial relief under government schemes last year. They also want better prices for their crops, halting the acquisition of land for projects like the bullet train and compensation for losses due to pest attacks and hailstorms.

The Adivasis or tribal cultivators, who joined the march in huge numbers, want the land they have been tilling for years to be transferred to their names and implementation of the Forest Rights Act, which they say will benefit them.

There would be sponsors for sure. But ever thought why they would be protesting? They are demanding for their rights. Irrespective of who is sponsoring them, they should get their rights, if they are the genuine farmers.

Making a statement on the floor of the Assembly, Fadnavis said 95% of those camping at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan are tribals and “technically” not farmers. Farmer leaders have called the statement a lie, accusing the government of trying to “discredit” the protest. No Indian farmer or a Hindu, can ever demand temple land. Only Red Terror can. This is a fake and manufactured march like fake agitation of JNU.

Hey Commie Filth, why only Temple Lands, why not Church Lands of an Org that is one of the largest owner of land in this country? Afraid of antagonizing your Corrupt friend & Church agent SoniaGandhi who along her Pappu son is busy playing Congress Victimhood Plan.

Sir, this a high profile drama to divert the attention from the loss of tripura, why only in BJP ruled state’s, conditions of farmers in karnataka is much more worse than in Maharashtra. Yeh sab politics hai.

Source: News18.com