With the fear of losing political hold over India, is Sonia Gandhi planning a conspiracy to end PM Modi’s career? Is she getting funds from other nations?

Everything is going right in India under PM Modi and everything is not going right in India under Sonia Gandhi. Modi is visiting the unattended places and increasing India’s respect throughout the globe but meanwhile there something wrong going on in India.

The Modi government is taking bold steps to reform India by taking opinions of all sections of Indians into consideration. But all of a sudden a small shout emerges from nowhere and the issue will be totally fictitious. Yes, I am talking of all the activities that are taking place to tarnish the image of PM Modi, India and Hinduism.

Protests across nation for petty issues:

Madhya Pradesh witnessed a violent protest led by farmers which had several proofs that goons had joined the farmers in the protest.

Upon that, Congress leaders were seen instigating the mob but the Sonia Gandhi didn’t condemn it. Is it because they were acting on the direct orders of Sonia?

Now another trend has started to oppose the sign boards in Hindi. This week in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu there is high opposition against usage of Hindi. Doesn’t our official language deserve to be written all over the country? Like the national flag, even Hindi should be spread throughout the nation. But few make it a political issue just because Modi is in centre.

In Gujarat, a movement started where protestors asked reservations for the Patel community. The man who led the movement, Hardhik Patel, later slowly inclined towards Congress. So again Congress’ hand is seen in creating unrest in Gujarat.

The EVMs were questioned but when the Election Commission challenged political parties to hack it, but Congress didn’t dare to attend the challenge.

Tamil Nadu farmers staged a protest in Delhi but later it was found that they were not real farmers even though Congress denied it.

“Not in my name”, a movement started which even got support from Congress tried to project “Hindustan” as “Lynchistan”. Congress went ahead and released a list of 52 individuals who were lynched in India after Modi came to power but never spoke against the killing of cattle owners.

Congress, even insulted Indian Army and not even a word of condemnation was seen from Rahul or Sonia Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi was angry when Shashi Taroor attacked British by saying “The Sun couldn’t set on the British empire, because even God couldn’t trust the English in the dark.” Is Sonia getting any funds from Britain? Why she was so angry when her own MP spoke against British who looted and killed Indians for 200 years?

There are lot of questions to be answered. Sonia’s secret foreign trips have given rise to several suspicions. However, no need to track Rahul Gandhi’s foreign trips because we know that why he go on foreign trips.

Even though, Congress is politically inactive, Sonia Gandhi cannot be underestimated because we have seen in history that they have always joined hands with whom they once called as enemies. Sonia led Congress don’t believe in following its core ideologies. What matters for it is power, power and power.  Congress always wants to rule people, loot them and lend its contribution in the field of corruption.

Nishika Ram