Fearing a surgical strike from Modi govt, the richest gangster Dawood Ibrahim is ready to return to India, but with few conditions

India had missed more than half a dozen opportunities during the UPA era to nab the notorious gangster Dawood Ibrahim. But it seems like the wait is over as Dawood Ibrahim would finally surrender. Yes, the tremendous success of nabbing the world’s richest gangster is just inches away and the credits only goes to the Modi government.

The gangster Dawood Ibrahim called the notable Indian lawyer Ram Jethmalani and said that “you can talk to the Indian government. I am ready to come back. Regardless of where I am, I will come to Mumbai. They will arrest me, but I have a condition. Keep me at Arthur Road Jail. You can run any case against me”.

This stunning information was revealed by none other than Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal Kaskar’s lawyer. The lawyer also said that “He is prepared to come down to Mumbai and if they still have some case against him, he is prepared to face the charges but he must be kept only in Arthur Road jail”.

With the fear of getting killed in a surgical strike, Dawood Ibrahim has decided to surrender?

The gangster Dawood Ibrahim is hiding in Pakistan since years, fearing an arrest from India. The last time, India’s covert mission of nabbing Dawood had failed was in 2013. Yes, in September 2013, India had set up a group of elite commandos to eliminate the most wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim who was responsible for the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blast.

For this highly secret mission, 9 commandos were selected by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and the team was given the code name ‘Super Boys’. But the mission was aborted because of a mysterious call.

After 5 years, that golden moment has once again come to the Indians. Due to the aggressive moves of the Modi government, the dreaded gangster is feeling insecure even though he is guarded with the Pakistani soldiers. Modi government was successful in winning the diplomatic war against Dawood Ibrahim as his properties were seized in UK last year. Assets worth more than Rs 42,000 crores were confiscated by the UK authorities in September 2013.

Forbes report had said that Dawood Ibrahim is one of the richest gangsters of all time. In 2015, Forbes estimated Dawood Ibrahim’s net asset at US$ 6.7 billion.

Credits goes to PM Modi! Do you know why?

  • Dawood Ibrahim wants to return to India because PM Modi tightened the screws and America is clamping down on Pakistan. He is not in a position to put conditions. Let him rot in Pakistan and ISI will get him and his children killed to show that they are clamping down terrorism.


  • Fugitive Dawood Ibrahim can’t be without retribution and no amount of punishment can justify series of crimes he committed against motherland. Will pay for sins by staying in Pakistan itself.

Dawood Ibrahim is getting old and wants a better treatment in India?

  • Old and ailing Dawood Ibrahim wants to come back and surrender to get his expensive treatment done under custody in Indian tax payers’ money?

Hansika Raj


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