Fed up with Lalu’s daily drama in Bihar, Nitish Kumar resigns; Will he align with BJP now?

Will Nitish Kumar join BJP? This question had haunted the entire opposition party since the day he started to praise PM Modi’s demonetisation openly even though the seculars and liberals were condemning PM Modi’s reform. Now this question will get an answer as Nitish Kumar has resigned.

Former CM Nitish Kumar after resigning said that he was unable to run the government among so many scams done by Lalu and sons. He also said that he decided to detach himself from corrupt persons. Now there are high chances that he will join BJP because BJP have no problem in making Nitish a CM again.

Nitish Kumar gave a powerful punch on youth icon Rahul Gandhi’s face

Republic TV also reported that Rahul Gandhi had requested Nitish Kumar to forgive the corruption charges against the Deputy CM in order to protect the“grand alliance”. But today Nitish Kumar retaliated to Rahul Gandhi by calling Rahul as a person who ordered to tear and throw the ordinance.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted and welcomed Nitish Kumar to his camp for fighting against the corrupts.

“Congratulations to Nitish Kumar on joining the fight against corruption. 125 crore citizens welcome and support his honest move,” the Prime Minister said.

He added: “It is the need of the hour to rise above political differences and come together to fight against corruption for the development of the country, especially in Bihar.”

How this is a huge blow to Congress?

The Congress knew that it is not in a position to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. So it was planning to back Nitish Kumar as a presidential candidate but Nitish denied it. Still Congress didn’t stop trying to impress Nitish. But now all the dreams of Congress have shattered.

BJP calls parliamentary meeting

BJP called for a parliamentary meeting immediately after Nitish Kumar resigned. So it is likely that BJP will join hands with Nitish Kumar. It should be noted that Nitish Kumar was in NDA camp for 8 years.

BJP Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that this was expected because the alliance didn’t have common ideology.

Sources say that BJP has lent its external support. So Nitish Kumar will definitely lend hands with BJP because today he said that he is ready to do whatever for the people of Bihar’s.

Source: Republic TV

Nishika Ram