We feel embarrassed to wear the uniforms given by Siddaramaiah government : Government school children!

Generally all government school children would be very happy to get uniforms from government. But this time, the government school kids in Karnataka are disappointed to see the dress materials given by Siddaramaiah government.

The Karnataka government has sent cheap quality dresses which are unfit to wear. The school children have complained that the dresses are transparent and more so looks like mosquito net. They said they feel embarrassed to wear transparent dresses to school. Also when the cloth was given to tailor, it was told that the length of the cloth was also not sufficient. The parents and children were very disappointed to see such irresponsible act by the government.

After which the students complained about the quality and refused to wear these uniforms to schools. It is shameful that the Congress government has made fun of school children by providing cheap quality dresses to these poor kids. The government which gets crores of money for providing school uniforms and books are mostly misused and only sub standard quality goods are supplied to school children.

This is not the first time the Siddaramaiah government has indulged in such shameful act but also provided sub standard quality food to government schools and anganwadis in Karnataka. But no minister is taking responsibility and CM is more busy in applauding himself for so called works.

Check for yourself the quality of the cloth material provided.


Aishwarya S