Feminist Lost Their Mind When PM Modi Said Girls These Days Go On Diet A Lot! But None Of The Feminist Are Criticising Kejriwal’s Misogynistic Comment! Why?!!

Kejriwal and his party is known for their controversial remarks and misogynist statements.Earlier Delhi High court had warned Aravind Kejriwal to make generic statements in campaigns.

Well, but now Kejriwal has made another misogynist statement about women during the Delhi polls.

He tweeted “Vote daalne jaroor jaiye. Sabhi mahilaon se khas appeal…jaise aap ghar ki jimmedari uthati hain, vaise hi mulk aur Dilli ki jimmedari bhi aapke kandhon par hai. Aap sabhi mahilayain vote daalne jaroor jayain aur apne ghar ke purushon ko bhi le jayain. Purushon se charcha jaroor karain ki kise vote dena sahi hoga.

Which means “Please cast your vote also special appeal to women- Just like you bear the burden of your home, the responsibility of the country and Delhi is also on your shoulders. All women must go and cast their votes, and also take the men in your house along with you to vote. Please  make it a point to discuss with men whom it would be better to vote for.”

Does that mean that Kejriwal thinks that women are not sensible enough to make their own decisions?Also is it that all the freebies he distributed to the women in Delhi was only for his political gains?

Because with this statement it is clear that he chooses to look down upon women and think they are less educated and intelligent than men!Well, responding to this tweet, Smriti Irani in a tweet wrote: “Aap kya mahilaon ko itna saksham nahi samjahte ki ve swayam nirdharit kar saken kise vote dena hai? (Don’t you consider women capable enough to decide on their own whom they should vote for?)”

To which Kejriwal responded later in the day,  and tweeted that the women of Delhi have already decided whom to vote for.

Well, he tried to whitewash the statement by saying,”This time, it is women who have decide their family’s vote in Delhi”

He did not even bother to apologize for his previous statement.This clearly shows that what kind of person kejriwal is, he thinks women are fools who can be easily manipulated by the freebies.

It is shocking that none of the so called “feminist” have come out yet to express their disagreement. This shows how biased and ignorant these so called “feminists” are. Well, phrases used by the fake feminists such as “toxic masculanity” seems to be all that is intended to garner government funding.

Anyway, it is high time that Kejriwal apologises for his misogynist statement.

Sharanya Alva


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