Few Archbishops said dalits and minorities being attacked, Now Jharkhand Pastor has been booked for abducting and raping 5 tribal girls, Will liberal gang speak up?

Since few months, there has been a trend created by the Christian missionaries writing letter to their followers asking them not to support BJP during elections and help Congress instead. Few Archbishops in India went to the extent of saying that democracy was in danger, constitution was in danger, Scheduled cast (Dalits) and minorities were being attacked and called to defeat Nationalist forces n the country.

Their statements was of course a outrage of desperation to help Congress which was fast losing ground in the country. Their pet party which supports all their conversion activities, help them get foreign funds is in the verge of reducing itself to a regional party which has made the Churches speak openly.

But now, these archbishops who claim to be the flag bearers of righteousness and liberalism should first speak about the events that are happening in different churches in the country. Many reports are emerging from various churches across India where there have been cases of women molestation, kidnap and rape. Yesterday an FIR was filed against a pastor called Alfonso for abducting and raping 5 tribal girls in Khunti in Jharkhand state.

The news was reported in Dainik Jagran which said that an FIR was registered against the Church Pastor along with 4 others for abducting and raping 5 tribal girls. Such reports have indeed become very common with many Pastors found to be involved in illegal activities.

Recently, a pastor from Kerala was also arrested for molesting a school girl. There was wide protests in the Ernakulam district after which the Pastor was arrested.

Despite number of cases being reported, the media is desperately covering these stories and helping these criminals escape law. While the media doesn’t waste any time to hype any isolated incidents if it is against BJP or Hindus, pretends to be deaf and dumb when the culprit belong to particular religion.

So, these news are deliberately being suppressed by the media as it doesn’t favour their pseudo secular agenda. The big question is those Archbishops who said that democracy was in danger, Dalits, minorities were being attacked under Modi government should first answer what are their Pastors doing to dalit and tribal girls….are they empowering women??

This sort of hypocrisy and using religion to play politics is an old trick which the country has seen from past 70 years. Before they preach others about democracy and constitution, they should look into their home yard where girls are being molested on a daily basis within the premises of Churches and Missionaries.

These are are not being said by me, but let them read the reports which were published by various news portals about the constant harassment, molestation and rapes that happen in Churches!

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