Few conspired to break the Sabarimala tradition! But here’s what the female devotees say

It has been one year since the verdict of the Apex Court came on Sabarimala, which allowed the entry of women of all age groups into the shrine hurting the religious sentiments of devotees. And the communist Government of Kerala also hailed the verdict of Apex court and helped some of the women activists to enter into the shrine hurting the faith of the people

That was a nightmare for devotees who had shown their faith and trust in the Government. The Government helped those female activists who just wanted to portray their feminism and power, who was not at all interested in the beliefs of a shrine

But the real women devotees never wanted to break the belief of the shrine and hurt the religious sentiments of the people. They wanted to go along with the age-old rituals of the shrine and completely go inline along with it

Today, also after one year of the verdict, these women devotees want to follow the tradition of the temple. When the women of different regions were asked whether they wish to enter the Ayyappa temple or will they still wait till 50 to enter the shrine

Here the views are given by women of different regions

Kannur: “From my childhood, I am an Ayyappa devotee, and I wish to be the same till my death. Now I am 45 and I am waiting for five more years to be 50 so that I can visit the Ayyapa temple and I wish Apex Court to remove the verdict which they took last year, said Sharadha Krishnan

Kochi: There are certain beliefs in all religions that cannot be changed. The Apex Court should understand before pronouncing the verdict. I wish to visit the temple after 50 and my family also believe the same, said, Renuka Devi

Pathanamthitta: “As a native of Pathanamthitta, from the time I was born, I have been hearing about Ayyappa stories. According to that, a woman can only enter the temple after 50, that is what I hear and believe, so I do obey them, people will have different views to my idea but I won’t force anyone to be like me ,” said Urmila

Kollam: “I don’t believe that a real devotee will enter the temple before 50. Whoever is trying to do so are not real devotees according to me, they just doing it for publicity. Those who have entered Sabarimala have given an interview to get publicity, these cheap publicities won’t be appreciated by the Lord. They need to understand it first, said Mahija Menon

Thiruvananthapuram: “Those who had entered Sabarimala had to face backlash if we check out their life stories. I do believe that those who entered the Ayyappa Temple received backlash as a punishment from Ayyappa. I will also enter Sabarimala, but after 50”, said GouriLakshmi

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