Few said Hardik Patel lost 20 kgs in 11 days! But medical report says he has increased his weight despite his hunger strike

During the Gujarat elections, the man who used the Patidar agitation to fulfil his political greed openly campaigned against the BJP. At one particular juncture, he even lied that he didn’t meet Rahul Gandhi at a hotel in midnight even though the video footage indicated otherwise. However, other than dividing the Patidar votes, Hardik Patel couldn’t stop the BJP from coming to power in Gujarat even after 22 years.

After the Gujarat elections, political analysts predicted that the Congress party might rise in Gujarat and this might get proved in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But as usual, the Congress party in Gujarat started to weaken due to internal clashes. In what was called as a bigger blow to the Congress party, Gujarat unit working president Kunwarji Bavaliya joined BJP.

That’s why Hardik Patel was the only ray of hope for the Congress party. In what seemed like a well-planned strategy, Hardik Patel went on an indefinite hunger strike demanding quota. As expected, Hardik Patel gained support from all the prominent Modi hating political parties.

Now few media houses that started expressing concern over his health and claimed that Hardik Patel has lost 20 kgs in just 11 days and this raised everyone’s brows. NDTV published an article titled “As Hardik Patel Loses 20 Kg In Hunger Strike, Gujarat Government Steps In” on September 6th.

The subtitle of the article read “The BJP-led state government held a meeting with several key leaders of the Patidar community at Gandhinagar on Tuesday night, hours after doctors expressed concern over the health of Hardik Patel, who has lost almost 20 kgs weight in the last eleven days”.

This claim was all over the internet and few started and abusing Prime Minister Modi. But another report completely toppled the claim of NDTV and few other media houses.

Hardik Patel never lost weight?

A new medical report claimed that in spite of fasting for 11 days, Hardik Patel’s weight is increasing. How is this possible?

A website named “Desh Gujarat” reported “Weight of Congress backed PAAS leader Hardik Patel has not decreased as much as earlier reported by doctors and it has gone down only by 11.6 kg instead of earlier reported 20 kg during his indefinite fast which has entered 12th day today. Superintendent of Sola Civil Hospital Dr. Aajesh Desai and Dr Manisha Panchal ( who took his weight yesterday as well as today) said that it was 66.4 kg. His weight on day one of the fast ie August 25 was 78 kg. Yesterday it was reported as 58.3 kg showing an around 20 kg decline in 11 days but it was measured 66.4 kg today”.

Soon after this report got out, few started speculating if Hardik Patel is secretly consuming food. During the Independence struggle, the freedom fighters used a hunger strike to pressurize the British government.

But today this tactic is being used by fraudsters like Hardik Patel, only for political gains. On July 25th, 2018 Hardik Patel was sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined Rs 50,000 by a Visnagar court for vandalism during the 2015 Patidar protests.

Source: Desh Gujarat

Hansika Raj