Did Fidel Castro’s Hard Communistic Stand Really Help Cuba???

He breathed his last at the age of 90. The whole world saluted him.  Indian Home Minister went to Cuba to pay respect to him. Many other world leader also visited his last rites.  Once upon a time, he was considered a messiah of poor and downtrodden!  Being in a small country, he fought against big brother of the world, the United States of America. He taught communism and egalitarianism to the world. He said that he lived for the welfare of poor. People might criticise me for this article! However, it is important to see whether this Messiah really lived with his words!?

Fidel Castro, the strongest man of Cuba, was the leader of communist revolution. He was against the capitalism. He said have are exploring the have nots. It is interesting to listen to Karl Marx theories and some of them are relevant even today! However, his concept of egalitarianism is utopian. We have not witnessed even a single country which has been successful with communism without showing any capitalistic tendencies. Castro used Marxian ideology to influence people of Cuba and instigate civil revolt. He sold his idea of ideal society in Cuba to the people with his influential speeches which made people crazy for him. Many young energetic students like Che Guevara were deeply influenced by Castro’s ideas.

He led the revolt and got acceptance from all people that he is their leader. In 1959, Fidel declared himself as Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba. Later he declared that he is the secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba. In 1976 he declared himself again as the 17th President of Cuba. The leader of a coup became the President of the country.

When we see the history of Fidel Castro, it is filled with hypocrisy. When he could capture power, Marxian concept of ‘stateless society’ was pushed aside. Probably he gave the color of ‘rule of proletariat’ for his rule and people believed in him. He fought for the rights of the poor. But in 1992, United Nations General Assembly decided that they will not have any ties with a country which does not protect the human rights. European Union (EU) observed in 2003 that Cuba is the country with highest number of human rights violations. Cuba is the second country after China with highest number of journalists put in jail. It is the country with highest number of political prisoners. All these things happened during his tenure which ended in 2008. That means the man of equality was literally a dictator.

So, though he preached communism, did Fidel practice it!? Certainly not! Otherwise he would not have ruled the country for so long even he wanted to set right the situation after the coup! He would not have stayed powerful for so long, rather he would have given the power in the hands of the people! He would have prevented his brother Raul Castro from taking up powerful positions next to him to break family rule! But instead of doing all these, he became another Hitler or Saddam Hussain!

However, the world has to pay due respect to him for his courage to challenge USA, despite being a small country that located just next to it and for his fighting spirit. Rest in peace Fidel Castro.

Akshara Damle

You may reach the author on Twitter @aksharadamle