Fierce fight of Rajiv dixit to stop beef consumption!!! Here’s all about the present scenario and the conclusion

Do you know how many numbers of cows has been slaughtered every year in India? Do you imagine a life without natural food sources? Have you ever looked into the history and questioned why our ancestors been giving much importance to a cow?

Well, there are more than two crores of Cow and bullocks been slaughtered every year. Further, more than a crore of buffalos, two – three crores of Pigs, Goats, Hens and our nation considered as Capital of Slaughtering House of the world.

When East India Company has started its trade market in India, they found that our nation has their treasures. Gradually, they started conversions, imported labourers from their country to solve their poverty. Unfortunately, Indians lost their power in the trade market and became slaves of outlanders. To inveterate the power of them in India, they started conversion and begin Slaughtering, destroyed idols in Hindu temples. Christ missionaries literature our culture in a derogative manner. And then its started, a new beginning to divide India through creating interwar on the basis of religious beliefs.

As a part of their furtherance, William Prichet presented an improved gun weapon to the British army in India in 1856. Grease which used in Cartridges made from Cow meat and Pig meat caused inner objections to using for both Hindu and Muslim. Due to these fluctuations, Mangal Pande, a well-known revolutionist in the History of Indian Freedom Struggle has raised his voice against these intrigues affected entire army and how the first war of Indian independence took place in 1857. And for few decades, our nation has got the motivation to reach Independence.

I must introduce one great personality Sri.Rajiv Dixit, who fought against slaughtering, foreign brands of food, importing of inorganic products. In 1998, Akhil Bharatheey Gou Sevak Sangh and Ahimsa Army Trust have litigated against slaughtering in High Court. After many fights, Govt of Gujarat has agreed with Rajiv Dixit and handed a support.

As a result, after three years, Supreme Court has structured Constitutional bench with the Presidentship of Retired Magistrate Sri.R.C.Lahoti and other seven members. Inquisitors have ensued from September 2004 – 2005. Butchers appointed charismatic advocates where Rajiv Dixit found no volunteers for an assertion. Soli Sorabji Rs.20 lacs, Kapil Sibal Rs.22L, Mahesh Jethmalani Rs.32 to Rs.35L remunerations has taken to argue on the support of Slaughtering. The court itself appointed an advocate M.E.Eskuri for Rajiv Dixit.

Finally, Rajiv Dixit has successfully won the case and Court has asked Butchers to give an accordance which supports slaughtering in any of Holy books, Records in the history. But, they found no records which supported slaughtering. As a result, on 26/10/2005, Supreme Court has declared that Slaughtering Cow or Bullocks is a Constitutional crime and as well as crime over rights of religion. And also, the court said that Saving Cow or Bullocks is a duty of every citizen of India.

You may take a look at the judgement of this issue in www.supremecourtcaselaw.com

Now, we are breathing an air of independence where our culture gradually fading day by day. Moreover, this nation is a land of Sanathan Dharm where many part of the world started following our culture and where we, the generations of ancient India following communism path where we couldn’t live longer. No holy books said to slaughter a cow or a bullock for a food and every holy book strictly prohibited the slaughtering.

If mankind and glory of ancient India has to survive, then

India must stop importing or exporting beef.
• Using of Indian breed fodder for cattle.
• Cattle for old aged cow and bullocks with proper food facility.
• Govt has to return the land of the feedlot.
• Must present advanced agricultural methods for organic food.
• Must structure the Byre for Cow and bullocks in every city to protect cow and bullocks.
• Govt must encourage Cow based organic farming.
• Govt must reduction the subsidy on chemical fertilizers.
• Govt must encourage the by-products of Cow (tax-free).
• Govt must spend for cattle by National Fund.
• Govt must present insurance policy for every cattle.

As a citizen,

Place a small water tank front of your house with full of water so that cow and bullocks can drink.
• If you observed any slaughtering around your place, inform to Gou Sevak Sangh .
• Do not hesitate if you want to fund for cattle.
• If you do have places for cattle and feedlot, grow Indian breed in there and help cattle for food.
• Drive carefully when you see Cows and Bullocks’re crossing a road.

Last Drop :

Communists ask to the Government to forgive terrorists on the basis of Humanity. They raise their voice against of the attacks on Syria, Libia in the name of Humanity. They ask for constitutional rights only to counter Vedic Followers and how they ain’t seeing flagitiousness in the matter of Slaughtering Divine Cow and Bullocks? If it’s all about a food habbit, then how about doing the same for each other?

It’s terrible to speak up for humanity having dead animals in their food plate. It’s clear that communists
are harmful and they choose any path to destroy Hinduism as well as Nation.”

Save Cow. Save Mankind. Save Nation.

Sushmitha Saptharshi


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