Fifty shades of communists! CPM had vandalized a mosque in Kerala and spread fake news that it was a work of Sangh Parivar

While lakhs of Sabarimala devotees– who are immensely hurt after women from restricted age group entered the Sabarimala temple with the help of communists– are out on streets protesting against the injustice done to them and their culture, a set of communist goons are utilizing this as an opportunity to defame Hindus and RSS.

Sabarimala Karma Samithi called for a hartal on January 3 to condemn the act Bindu and Kanakadurga who claimed to be transgender and entered the temple; later on it said that they were they were CPM members. During the protest, a mosque was vandalized and the Hindu-hating gang started to spread fake news that sangh parivar and the Sabarimala protesters damaged a portion of the front arch of the mosque. Soon this spread like a wild fire and few started to sing the old song that sabarimala devotees are intolerant and minorities are under attack in India.

But this fake news was soon exposed after Athul Das, a branch committee secretary of the party, was arrested in connection with the vandalism of the mosque. Not just CPI (M) branch secretary but twenty other goons were named in the FIR. Their intention was to kick start a communal violence in the already tense Kerala.

This incident has exposed the Hindu hatred of the communists. Presently, the communists are ruling only in Kerala and now they have the fear of losing even that. That’s why they are not sparing even the slightest of the protests. Presently a total of around 1300 cases have been registered around 3200 people have been arrested. Note that earlier 1300 cases were filed just against the Hindus who held “Ayyappa Jyothi” across the streets of Kerala.

Earlier a Sabarimala devotee had lost his life and the CM Pinarayi Vijayan had claimed that he died due to heart attack. But the police report had proved that he died due to a well planned attack by the communist goons.

Hansika Raj