Final nail in the coffin of Congress? PM Modi corners the Gandhis in 5 ways and confidently says “Now I’ll see how the mother-son duo will escape”

After giving sleepless night to Congress by extraditing middleman Christian Michel of Augusta Westland scam to India, Prime Minister Modi punched the Congress even harder by making it clear that there will be no escape route for Congress now and he is going to make sure that Congress chief and his mother will be behind the bars soon

Hailing Supreme Court order which gave I-T department a go-ahead to reopen the tax assessment of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, his mother Sonia Gandhi, and senior Congress leader Oscar Fernandez for the year 2011-12, PM Modi said that he will see how they manage to escape now.

“Yesterday we won in Supreme Court; the court said Indian Govt has the right to reassess their (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) income tax returns. Ab dekhta hoon kaise bach ke nikalte ho.”, said PM Modi

If this was not enough to shake the Congress, PM Modi’s power-packed performance and back to back punches today in the rally must have broken the bone of Congress party.

Attacking Congress on Augusta Westland scam, Prime Minister Modi said “Helicopter kaand ke raazdar aur dalal ko sarkar Dubai se pakad ke layi hai. Ab raazdar raaz kholega, pata nahi baat kahan tak jayegi, kitni duur tak jayegi” By saying this PM Modi implied that that government has extradited middleman of the Augusta Westland scam to India and Now, he will spill out the secrets and we don’t even have the idea how far the spilling of beans will go out revealing the name of all the corrupts involved in the deal

Prime Minister Modi even questioned the people how you can expect the person like Rahul Gandhi to lead the nation who doesn’t know the name of his party workers even

Congress President doesn’t even know the names of his own party leaders. He did not even know the name of a very popular farmer and Jat leader in Congress , late Kumbha Ram Ji. He called him “ KumbhaKaran”. You can imagine what will happen when these kinds of leaders will be in power, said PM Modi. Prime Minister further said such type of leaders will only sleep like KumbhaKaran and will do nothing for the nation.

Prime Minister also ranted at Congress for questioning what BJP has done in 4.5 years. Prime Minister Modi said Congress should give account of their 70 years first and then ask for what the Centre has done in last 4.5 years. He said, “Congress which created so many divisions in society in the last 70 years, how can they work in the interest of the people? First, give an account of these 70 years, and then ask about 4.5 years from us”

On the issue of farmers also PM Modi blasted Congress President. PM Modi said “Naamdaar sheds crocodile tears for farmers while his relatives grabbed farmers’ land.”“They knew that the government of India was bringing huge projects in Barmer, the prices of land were about to rise and the farmers were set to gain from it. So, the relatives of ‘Naamdar’ (targeted at son in law of Congress Robert Vadra) snatched the land from farmers at throw away prices,” he said.

Attacking Congress on their moral victory and running from the reality, PM Modi said Congress leaders have already started blaming EVMs He said, “They have already started making excuses, they are trying to find any possible logic so the responsibility of defeat does not lie on Naamdar’s shoulders.

PM Modi today ignited like fire and burnt the Congress to the core. He shattered the very thought of Congress party of coming back in power make it sure to put in their minds “That the stage is all set, game has begun & Their time is over now”

Source : DNA



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