Finally, actor Prakash Raj agrees that he has lost to Dr Subramanian Swamy! But tries to mock Dr Swamy again and gets ripped apart once again

Kuch Bhi… Kuch Bhi… Kuch Bhi…

This was what the Indians were saying when the reel life villain Prakash Raj was trying to malign PM Modi and each and everything associated with him. On May 4th, Prakash Raj’s debate against Dr Subramanian Swamy at the “Times Conclave” was like a hypothetical debate show between PM Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandi– a total miss match.

After losing the debate to Subramanian Swamy– where Dr Swamy literally ragged Prakash Raj– the actor accepted that he was defeated. But he didn’t stop there, as he went on to call Dr Swamy a manipulative. Here’s what he said,

  • LESSON LEARNT at “Times conclave”…Yes ..Yes..Yes…I lost my way in putting forth my concerns against a very manipulative..smart..well prepared..Dr. Subramanian Swamy ..I’m growing ..I will overcome.. such setbacks chisel me.. my resolve to fight for inclusive India got stronger..

Accepting defeat was a good sign, but calling Dr Swamy as “manipulative” was not a welcome symbol and this was totally not accepted by the Indians.

Dr Swamy is a Harvard professor, he don’t need to prepare for a debate show with you!

  • “Manipulative”? He’s a Harvard professor and has a very sound knowledge of India’s History, Constitution and political affairs. His IQ is more than collective IQ of “Yours+Khalids+Rashids+Mevanis and entire Tukde Tukde Gang”. Next time come with facts, not “Kuch Bhis”.

  • Important lesson you should learn is to behave like a normal person on a public platform rather than filmy expressions and dialogue bazi.

Prakash Raj is nothing went compared with the mighty Dr Swamy!

  • What made you think that you can debate with Subramanian Swamy? Your knowledge about a lot of things especially Constitution is zilch as compared to Swamy. I felt debating with you was an insult to the stature of Swamy and an absolute waste of time for him.

The crusader who fought against the 1975 Emergency defeat the silver screen villain with ease!

  • Dr Swamy is a well known scholar, he is one of the key personal to fight 75-emergency. A great lawyer who has sacked several corrupt politicians and save crores rupees for the country. And you are comparing him with yourself who is just a filmy actor. Dr Swamy is a hero and you?

The entire debate between Dr Swamy and Prakash Raj was a one-sider where the man who fought against the 1975 Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi and emerged as the hero, ripped apart the hypocrisy of Prakash Raj.

At one end, Prakash Raj shares stage with anti-nationals like Kanhaiyya Kumar, Umar Khalid and so on, and at another end, he abuses PM Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. Dr Swamy literally ragged and forced Prakash Raj to condemn and issue a statement against his beloved “tukde tukde gang”.

Prakash Raj was one of the lethal weapon in Karnataka of the Congress party as Rahul Gandhi’s rally went on to be super flop as expected. But after the debate between Prakash and Dr Swamy, the multi-lingual actor is not taken seriously throughout the nation.

But after getting slammed by Dr Swamy and the Indians, it seems like this actor didn’t learn a lesson. He went to to target BJP by saying “Dear BJP, People of Karnataka are aware of your agenda. We are witnessing every atrocities of your fringe army. We are aware of your development lies. We will reply with our power of vote. We will ensure inclusive Karnataka. We will inspire India for an inclusive India”.

Well, Mr Prakash Raj, the Kannadigas are smart and they will definitely teach a lesson to a liars. The liars who couldn’t develop India even after ruling for 70 years.

Hansika Raj