Finally Indian army gets modernized bullet proof helmets!

India has one of the world’s largest voluntary Armed Forces. This essential means that millions of men and women of armed forces risk their own lives in order to save ours.

After decades of wait, the Indian Army has finally received its first batch of modern bullet-proof helmets. The helmets were manufactured by Kanpur-based MKU Industries at the cost of Rs 180 crore.

The new bullet proof helmets are capable of withstanding the impact of 9mm ammunition fired from a short range. The helmets match global standards of equipment for armed forces.

Earlier in 2017, Kanpur-based MKU Limited, which supplies military equipment to the UN and NATO, was awarded a contract worth Rs 180 crore to manufacture about 1.6 lakh helmets with 13 mm trauma protection pads.

According to MKU, the bullet-proof helmets undergo rigorous quality and ballistic lab test at the company’s testing facilities in India as well as in Germany. The helmets are designed in such a way that it can be comfortably integrated with communication and night-vision devices. According to sources, the bullet-proof helmet has Kevlar as the main protective layer. Kevlar is material that is used by Batman for his Batsuit and cape.

Head forms the most vulnerable part of the body that is prone to get injured during the combat operation. As per the studies, nearly 26%-28% soldiers die of head injuries. Bullet proof helmets can make a significant difference between life and death during combat operations.

At present, Indian army soldiers, are using “patkas’ and they are capable of protecting only the forehead and back of the head. Alsoit is bulky and heavy, weighing over 2.5 kgs.

Indian Army has ordered the bolted version of bolt-free ballistic helmets. Not currently on the Indian Army order list, bolt-free is a higher and expensive version of bullet-proof helmets, which gives all-round protection from head injuries as helmet bolts increase the risk of injuries due to vibrations produced by direct impact of bullet on helmet.

The company has claimed that the helmets that have been designed for the Army have gone through rigorous quality tests. Ballistic lab test has also been conducted on them in the company’s facilities in India and Germany.

The company added that these helmets do not carry the communication device for now but they can be improvised to include facilities in the future.

In addition to the current 1.6 lakh order, MKU hope to deliver over 7 lakh helmets to Indian Army and overall one million helmets to different Indian armed forces, said by Managing director from MKU.

The new modern bullet proof helmet which will be provided to the army will be lighter to reduce the hurdle faced by the army during situations of combat. The lives of our soldiers are valuable who are protecting their mother landwithout any expectations.

Soldiers duty start when they sign up, and end when they’ve taken their last breath.


Source: Economic Times

Anusha Shetty.