Finally, P Chidambaram and his family charged in illegal assets case, the black money amount estimated is said to be 3 BILLION DOLLARS!

Since almost 5 years, Dr Subramaian Swamy has been fighting a lone battle against P Chidambaram and his family in the money laundering and Benami property case where he has accused them of looting crores of money while he was the Finance Minister of India during the UPA government.

Just a month back, his son Karti Chidambaram was arrested by CBI in the INX Media case in which he was accused of taking crores of bribe from Peter and Indrani Mukherjee to strike a government deal for them. However, P Chidambaram with his influence and contacts had made sure he was untouched by the investigation agencies. Despite Dr Swamy producing endless proof against P Chidambaram’s assets and Benami properties and bank accounts to Supreme Court,  the investigation agencies had not taken any stringent action against him.

But now after 5 long years, the Income Tax department has finally booked P Chidambaram in the Black Money Act for possessing illegal assets and bank accounts abroad. The IT filed case against all his family members including his wife Nalini, son Karti and his wife Srinidhi under the Section 50 of the Black Money Act. All the family members have been ordered to appear before the court on June 11.

According to the case filed, Chidambaram has been accused of holding illegal properties in 14 different countries and 21 bank accounts which he has never disclosed. All these accounts to an estimated value of 3 BILLION DOLLARS for which he has no source declared. It is said that P Chidambaram had played a key role in the Aircel Maxis scam in which he is said to have gained Rs 600 crore.

The Aircel company owned by C Sivasankaran was providing 2G services in India was forced to be sold to a Malaysian company called Maxis owned by Ananda Krishnan, a Malaysian citizen claiming all 100% stake. (No company can sell an Indian company to a foreign authority giving 100% share which violates the FDI norms of the Government of India).

This deal was done by then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran on the orders of P Chidambaram. Maxis in return allegedly made investments worth 600 crore in Maran family-owned Sun TV in 2007. Swamy alleged that “P Chidambaram ensured that the Foreign Investment Promotion Board clearance (FIPB) on Aircel- Maxis deal would be cleared, only if his son Karti P Chidambaram-controlled company gets share in Sivakumar’s Aircel Televenture Ltd to share the booty from Maxis.”

The Supreme Court had earlier asked Swamy to provide all proofs against him, after which Swamy released documents which showed there was Rs 60,00,00,00,00,000 (6 Lakh crore ) loss to the Nation due to Aircel Maxis deal. Dr Swamy revealed all the details of how P Chidambaram and his son Karthi Chidambaram have diverted all the funds to international bank accounts and violated the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

If the case is proved, then P Chidambaram will have to pay a penalty of 120 percent of his total assets and face 10 years imprisonment. So it is high time that P Chidambaram is brought to books for misusing of government office despite of holding a responsible position of Finance Minister.

Source and Credit: https://www.pgurus.com/chidambara-rahasya-details-of-huge-secret-assets-foreign-bank-accounts-of-chidambaram-family/

Chidambaram Rahasya : The amount equivalent to India’s half the budget has been looted by this one family, you will be shocked to know the story!

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