Finally PM Modi did what Congress didn’t want to happen; Read how Congress supported Triple Talaq and Sharia Laws

Well, finally, triple talaq is banned by Supreme court! The Supreme court said that “It cannot interfere in personal laws of Islam.”

The three justice out of five opposed the decision of CJI Kheher and upheld the dignity of Muslim Women by standing beside them. Oh yes! Now, every Congress people will be thinking of “Vote Bank”!!

Do you know why the Congress leaders always supported “Islam” as well as its laws? Have you ever observed the way the Congress always kept supporting and pampering Muslims?

Oh! So called self-declared law makers will bark now! The thing is we Indians always choose to ignore no matter what!


He was a Muslim by birth! Most of his followers deny it! But, truth always remains as truth itself. The religion that continued with Nehru is not India, but Islam!

“During the period of Indian Independence, he stood beside the decision of Mahatma Gandhi, who agreed to give the separate Nation for Muslims. Nehru neither said anything nor opposed it. He sat coolly with the bloodshed of thousands of Hindus!”

Further, “After the bloodshed of Hindus on behalf of partitioning, Pakistan demanded its 48 crores of money, along with the partition agreement!”

As a responsible Prime Minister of India, Nehru should have to think about the future! Unfortunately, he was fading in his lust memories of Edwin! Nehru demanded entire assembly to give back its (Pakistan) money! Including Sardar Vallabh Patel, the entire assembly of India opposed Nehru’s decision, but Nehru did not listen. Left with no choice, the government of India agreed to give back 48 crores to Pakistan!

And, then “The War Happened”!! Pakistan took advantage of it very well! In 1948, Pakistan used it to hit back India! If Nehru would have cared, then he wouldn’t have agreed to give back its money! Instead, he stated that, “I appreciate Jinnah, who is trying hard to build one complete Islamic state.”

The next generation started with Indira Gandhi! Do you want me to recall every atrocity done by her? “Operation Blue star – an attack on golden temple”, Emergency period and most importantly, she herself married to Musalman, who changed his name just to fool Indians!

No doubt that Indira Gandhi always supported Secularism. But, after 1969 Congress split, the commitment acquired a clear political purpose. Her image as the “protector” of Muslim interest lingered long after the community had become no more than a vote bank on which she drew freely even while resenting their rights independently of her or her party!

After Indira Gandhi’s assassination, done by her Sikh body guards as a revenge on her Golden Temple Attack, Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi, hooted to massacre every Sikh of Delhi. Thousands of Sikhs died after her assassination and Rajiv Gandhi justified his atrocity by saying that, “It’s natural that small plants will die when a big tree falls.”

Alaas! What a historic statement! Over the decades, this Congress has been treating India as “Non-secular” country, but only partial Islamic! Adding to it, in Shabano case, Rajiv stood beside Islam, rather than the Justice! The way he stood beside Islam let her out from that case and Islam won!

And, then after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, Sonia Gandhi replaced his throne! Family business became more interesting then! When Rajiv Gandhi died, Sonia Gandhi had a bank balance of 2 Billion dollars in her Swiss account! She became richer than Britain Queen!

Well, if we consider the recent issue of Col. Purohit and Sadhwi Pragya Singh, it’s clear that entire Congress is hooked up with making partial Islamic state.

Safdar Nagory, the accused, who had directed the other terrorists to the blast, was close to Nasir, who was exporting terrorists to India from Pakistan. A few days before the blast, Nasir promised Safdar “an AK-47 gun.” The investigation, which might have been made during the ruling period of UPA of 2004-09, had no reasons to say that the details had hidden from the leaders. America who intends to get informed on terrorism activities in India did not share this report with Indian government? Both nations had the same problems of terrorism and how we could not justify that America did not share any information regarding Sanjotha blast? Spy-agency reports don’t go to Home ministry? Every report was pointing towards SIMI, Al-Khaida, Lashqr and Tayba org. And, towards the trio. Reports were saying that Arif had taken finance from Dawood. The Dawood motivated blast lists included Sanjotha too!!

Knowing every truth about these, the UPA government had sat to promote new born words like Saffron terror! Congress was in a need to protect the votes of minority citizens through supporting terrorists. Besides, it had decided to become an enemy of Hindus intending to defeat BJP. You might get surprised!! After reports proved that there was no hand of Hindu leaders, but a brutal act of terror org and then too, Congress never agreed and jailed more than 6 Hindu leaders on taking an advantage out of it!

Terrorist Ishrat Jahan, being a sister to them while Sadhwi, a terrorist! And, the sick thing is these leftist or congress people never say ‘yes’ for complete Islam, but a partial one. In the name of vote bank politics, they pampered every Muslim, no matter what.

The great prince of Congress generation”Rahul Gandhi alias Pappu”, said that “Devotees who attend temple also harass women.” That immature fellow never dared to utter a single word about Muslims and their “Nikah Halala”. This symbolizes that he supported Muslim practices that denied women their basic rights.

Atrocities of Congress were not only for Hindus but also happened with Muslim Women! As a part of their Vote Bank politics, they never agreed to go against of ‘Shariyath’ and ‘Nikah-Halal’. Again, women were the victims! Now, The Era has started with the roar of Narendra Modi. When several women sent ‘Rakhi’ to Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath to fulfill their justice, those women knew about the very facts of BJP leaders.

Well, The supreme court is just for the sake, but the motivation behind those ‘Real Justice’ is one and only “Modi”.