Finally PM Modi has deposited Rs 15 lakhs in each and every Indian’s account

Indian currency worth more than 15 lakhs has been handed over to each and every individual. You may be surprised and shocked, but yes, the milestone has been finally achieved. But it should be noted that the amount is not directly deposited into your bank account. Let me explain how Modi has fulfilled his promise to 1.5 billion Indians.

• Soon after terrorist sympathiser Zakir Naik fled from India, crores of his properties were seized by the Indian government.

• When the stupidity of Pakistan crossed all limits, India launched a surgical strike and pushed it into a state of paralysis. Speciality of this attack was that not even a single Para Commando got injured.

• After demonetisation, the backbone of corrupt vultures was broken completely. The stone pelters who were targeting Indian soldiers went jobless as their funding network was shattered.

• The gangster who had piled up crores of black money by extorting Indians started witnessing his bad days. Yes, it is none other than Dawood Ibrahim. More than Rs 15000 crores worth properties of Dawood was seized by UAE on the request of PM Modi. Weeks ago, Rs 45,000 crores of assets of Dawood was seized by United Kingdom.

• The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted a series of raids and arrested several big shots who were funding the stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir.

• All of a sudden, the grave of terrorists started to increase in Jammu and Kashmir after the Indian Army, CRPF and J&K police decided to hunt down the terrorists who were sent by Pakistan.

• The suppressed voice got prominence when Lt Colonel Purohit was released after 9 years. This boosted lakhs of defence personnel of India.

• Women empowerment was given wings when innocent Sadhvi Pragya was released. She was falsely fixed in a bomb blast which was carried out by Pakistani terrorists.

• NGOs that were using its funds to convert Hindus and create anti-India sentiments had to lose its license.

• India was saved from future riots after the government decided to deport 40,000 Rohingyas who were illegally staying in India.

• Lakhs of Muslim women got justice when Modi government decided to end triple talaq and also decided to act tough on Nikah Halala.

• Indian culture got wings when the President, Prime Minister and Chief Ministers started to celebrate Navratri festival royally. Previously, other political leaders hesitated to celebrate this as they feared that this it would hurt vote bank politics.

• Any other government would have tumbled in front of the rogue nation China, but Modi government suppressed the Chinese and forced them to step back from Doklam area.

• From decades, looting tax payer’s money was a routine but since PM Modi took charge, not even a single scam has taken place. This itself is a biggest milestone in the history of India.

Now you will realise that PM Modi has already deposited Rs 15 lakh in each Indian’s account. Now some may say that this is nonsense but I will say that this is full of sense. If PM Modi hadn’t taken charge of India in 2014, several patriots would have ended up in jail like Lt Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Singh. If Modi wouldn’t have become the PM, free speech and freedom of expression would have been under threat.

People are questing why the government is not decreasing the fuel price even though the crude oil is all time low. But they aren’t saying why the government is distributing wheat, kerosene and sugar at subsidised rates.

What is hilarious is that the people who are targeting PM Modi on petty and foolish issues are the ones who send their kids to office/colleges in expensive bikes and cars. The same people are asking the Indians to accept Sonia Gandhi as their ‘Bahu’, Nehru as their ‘uncle’, Mayawati as their ‘sister’ and Mamata Banerjee as their ‘didi’. But these don’t want PM Modi to be treated as the ‘Son of India’.

Strange isn’t it?

PM Modi has delivered more than what was promised by him. It is now the duty of each and every citizens to take India to further heights and restore the glory that was before the invasion of Mughals and Britishers.

Jai Hind!!!

Hansika Raj