Finally PM Modi does what Congress couldn’t do since Independence! Passage of Quota Bill is historic 

India has witnessed every possible change that could take place in the past few years under the Modi rule. There have been a series of developments that came up in a row one after the other, each benefiting the working class category of the country. In a recent move taken by the PM Modi Government has been a historic one for the country. Expressing his views about the decision and its benefit towards the people, here’s what the Prime Minister said.

Overcoming all hatred from the opposition, being delighted over the passage of the Constitution (124th amendment) Bill, which amends the Constitution to provide 10% reservation to general category poor in jobs and education, PM Modi said he was glad to see such widespread support for the bill that will benefit people in need.

Celebrating the iconic moment in the history of the nation, PM Modi shared a series of tweets that read-
“Delighted the Rajya Sabha has passed The Constitution (One Hundred And Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019. Glad to see such widespread support for the Bill. The House also witnessed a vibrant debate, where several members expressed their insightful opinions.”

This has been a historic decision in favor of the country and its people having faith in the PM Modi Government.The Modi team has restored the belief kept by the people and acted according with their promise done at the time of elections. To clear all doubts bringing back the same Government to rule would definitely not be a wrong decision.

The Prime Minister further thanked the makers of the Constitution and the freedom-fighter, saying, “By passing The Constitution (One Hundred And Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019, we pay tributes to the makers of our Constitution and the great freedom fighters, who envisioned an India that is strong and inclusive.”

The bill comes as a blessing for the weaker sections of the society wanting help from the Government. In the last leg of the legislative process, the Bill will now go to the President for approval.And once it gets his ascent, it will become the law that will give economically weaker sections in the general category 10% reservation in education as well as central and state government jobs helping build a better society.

Source: dnaindia.com

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