Finally revealed!!! Love Jihad does exist: Former DGP of Kerala, TP Senkumar

From several years, Hindu activists said that “love jihad” is spreading rapidly and has been a threat to Hinduism but they were mocked at by the seculars. The seculars said that this is an imaginary story. Time and against the Hindu organisations had provided proofs to justify the existence of love Jihad. But the bunch of pseudo seculars was successful in hiding the issue.

Now, the former DGP of Kerala TP Senkumar said that love jihad is still being practised by a section of the Muslim community. He said this statement while talking to Samakalika Malayalam, an online publication, on Saturday.

He said that “there should be attempts from within the community to check religious extremism”. This has been hard to digest for the radical elements in Kerala.

Senkumar had investigated certain love jihad cases as per the directive of the Kerala High Court. He further said that “The girl who falls in love with one Muslim man ends up marrying another person much against her wishes. But there is no way out for the victim because by that time it would be quite late and she finds herself in a trap”.

Don’t compare RSS with terrorist organisations

TP Senkumar had retired from the service last month. He also said that there is no sense in debating in whether RSS carries out terror activities. He meant to say that RSS has not created any harm to the nation in history and will not create in future also.

This was a huge jibe to all those who said RSS is a terror outfit. He also said that “The problem comes when a Muslim is taught he should do jihad to attain heaven and that Jihad is when one converts another into Islam and kills a non-Muslim. Jihad should not be understood by the Muslim community in the manner in which they are understanding it now”.

He also said that conversion in the name of love happens only in Islam. He further added that for every 100 births in state, 42 belong to Muslims but they constitute to only 27%. But Hindus constitute 54% in state population but the birth rate is only 42%.

If this demography continues, then Kerala will see a spur in Muslim population. But as usual after the radical elements  were exposed by the former DGP Senkumar, Congress came on streets to appease its vote bank. The Congress blamed him for creating communal hatred. It also didn’t forget to mention its common dialogue “Senkumar is a RSS element”.

Source: http://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/from-love-jihad-to-terror-former-dgp-of-kerala-tp-senkumar-shocks-with-remarks/756943/


Hansika Raj