Finally the Congress party has realised that it can’t win Elections without the support of Hindus! But Hindus must know the spine-chilling trap behind this “Soft-Hindutva”

There are several types of adoptions prevailing in the world. The most popular form of adoption is “adoption of children”, but the Congress party has moved a step forward by adopting the “religion”.

Even a teenager, who is politically not biased, might know that Congress is the party that wanted to destroy the Ram Sethu, a proof that Ramayana took place. But now this hardcore anti-Hindu party has knitted the Hindutva mask on it, only to fool the Hindus.

The first man to wear this mask was the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi who has transformed himself into Shiv Bhakt. This Shiv Bhakt is so pious that he doesn’t even respect other Shiv Bhakts. This will be explained in later part of the article but now let me throw light on how the Congress party had adopted the mask of “Aggressive Hindutva” from “Soft Hindutva”.

Two incidents where Congress party crossed all boundaries to woe the Hindus:

  • On September 4th, the Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath’s promised of building a cow shelter each in the state’s 23,026 gram panchayats if the Congress party is elected to power in the state assembly that will be held by the end of 2018.
  • Just days after the above tactic, on September 11th senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said that Congress party will construct Ram Path if voted to power in Madhya Pradesh. Ram Path is the route taken by Lord Ram during his 14-year exile.
  • “They (Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJP) had promised a ‘Ram path’ but did not make it, when we come to power we will surely take it up. It will be built till the last border of Madhya Pradesh” said Digvijaya Singh.

Now you might get baffled to know why the Congress party has embraced such a stand. Few might even get fooled thinking that the Congress party has realised its past mistake and now wants to get rid of its sins by serving the Hindus. If you think so, then you might be doing a grave mistake.

To know why, there’s no necessity to travel years back. Let us focus on an incident where Rahul Gandhi displayed his hatred towards Hinduism:

On August 14th, while interacting with editors in Hyderabad, he confessed that he doesn’t believe in any kind of Hindutva. “I don’t believe in any kind of Hindutva, soft or hard core” were his words.

By this one thing is clear that if the Congress party comes to power in 2019, then assuming that Hindus would have a good time is a foolish assumption. In an attempt to abuse and corner PM Modi, the Congress party has crossed all the limits, knowingly or unknowingly.

That’s why it has opted a damage control mode and by doing this, it’s trying to hold back its Hindu vote bank and even attract the Hindus who are now the supporters of BJP.

Earlier I had claimed that Rahul Gandhi doesn’t respect other Shiva Bhakts. Below is the proof:

During Bharat Bandh, when Swami Brahmachitta was going to a nearby Shiva temple to do Rudra puja, Rahul Gandhi’s pseudo well-mannered followers stopped his vehicle, broke the car mirror and threatened to burn it.

This proves that Rahul Gandhi is not a Shiv Bhakt but is trying to fool Hindus to win the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. And the Hindus must not fall to this trap.

It’s not just for their benefit but even for India’s safety and future.

Hansika Raj