FIR Lodge Because Someone Dared To Speak The Truth?! Telagana Government Targets The Journalist Who Exposed The Radical Mob Involvement Behind Bhainsa Violence! Shame!

12th of January 2019

Media houses reported a disturbance and violence taking place in the Bhainsa of Telangana.

Reports of Two groups of people clashing in Bhainsa town of Nirmal district around late in the night on Sunday, January 12 came out. District Superintendent of Police C. Shashidhar Raju and Bhainsa C. Venugopal Rao received minor injuries in the violence and were being treated at a local hospital.

According to the media reports, both sections hurled stones at each other at the Korbagalli locality. Instances of arson were also reported, where three motorcycles were allegedly burnt by unidentified miscreants.

The reason for the incident was not immediately known. Police forces were being rushed to the town.

As we can clearly see both religious groups had been made responsible for the clash that broke out and media houses kept silence over the real cause that led to the clash in the first place.

It took one fearless and honest journalist to expose the real reason behind the communal clash. It was not even a communal clash but it was a horrific bullying and the atrocity perpetrated by the “Peaceful” community of Bhainsa.

Sridharan Siddhu a young Hyderabad based journalist traveled to Bhainsa as part of a Telangana Journalist Union team to report on the violence that took place and exposed how a mob of [email protected] shouting anti-Hindu and anti-National slogans had vandalized public property and attacked Hindu homes.

His reporting was met with a backlash from the Telangana government which rejected the charges and tried to cover-up the reason for the violence as a case of personal enmity.

Siddhu had recorded the testimony of Hindus who suffered in the violence. He had posted the video of his Facebook account which went viral even on other social media sites. In the video the Hindus  had narrated how their homes and properties were targeted by radical elements.

Video on Facebook by Siddhu

It was then that instead of looking into the charges, the police have filed 2 FIRs against Siddhu under section 153A for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, etc., and for disturbing harmony.

On 13th Jan,It was reported that local muslim youth were enraged after elsders in the town had questioned them on rash driving and for using foul language .They then came back with a large mob and attacked Hindus. The Telangana government had imposed curfew in the town and had arrested a few people as a customary measure who were let off on bail in a few days.

After Siddhu’s video gone viral instead of looking into the charges made by the local Hindus, the police have filed 2 FIRs against Siddhu under section 153A for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, etc., and for disturbing harmony.

Siddhu FIRs_1  

Siddhu’s video exposed the apathy of the system and government on dealing with the real cause for the violence that took place at Bhainsa. He can be heard saying “Ironically the police themselves had first confirmed the involvement of Muslims in the attack. Hindus who were injured were taken to the hospital by the police themselves who had come to the area to control the situation. But now, the same police under political pressure have registered false cases against the same Hindus instead of bringing the real perpetrators to book. The police say that they have also filed cases against the Muslim leader Phaijullā Khān khan, who is the mastermind of the attack on Hindu. But if the law does not deliver justice to the victims, they lose the respect for the law”

Now for speaking the truth Siddhu is being targeted by the Telangana Government. In India it is not a new thing to target journalists who speak truth, especially if they exposing the Radical mindset of “Peaceful” community or if they are speaking in support of the Hindu community.

In another video which Siddhu has posted after the FIR’s he clearly states that he is someone who voted for TRS but he only took the side of teruth while reporting from Bhainsa! Brave journalists like Siddhu are being bullied, abused online and offline. But the liberals and the pseudo seculars will term it as freedom of Expression which comes with a cost if anyone is speaking for Hindus!

FIRs, Threats, Bullying, Attack and sometimes just like what we witnessed in Kamalesh Tiwari’s case – Lynching and murder!

Dr.Sindhu Prashanth






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