First time in the history of Karnataka, BJP hoists its flag in the enemy heartland! Do you know where it won?

The battle field of Karnataka is getting more and more interesting. While both parties taking their moves and exerting their full force to form their Government yet who will form the government is not clear. But one thing that is sure even after all the chaos is that the saffron party has left a remarkable impression on the people of Karnataka and the choice of people is Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP).

Although the party has not reached the majority mark to form the government but still stands as the single largest party with 104 seats with the Congress and the JD(S) finishing second and third respectively. The people of the state has shown enormous faith in the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and has outrightly rejected the Congress President Rahul Gandhi. The President of the Congress campaigned in 14 constituencies and lost all the 14 constituencies. Contrary to that the constituency where the PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Aditya Nath campaigned whom Siddaramaiah called as outsiders are all won by the BJP. Infact Siddaramaiah is shown his real face as he suffered a humiliating defeat in his own constituency.

BJP also achieved lead in Lingayat-dominant constituencies, whereas Congress didn’t reach even half of the numbers. The move of Congress to divide Hindus has clearly backfired on Congress.

Even BJP has won in Hassan City which was the strong fort of JD(s) Deve Gowda which no other party has managed to win since 2004  and has been represented by him five times in the Lok Sabha. HS Prakash the reigning leader of the constituency from JD(s) contested opposite to  HK Mahesh of Congress and Preetham J Gowda of BJP. The leader was given tough competition by opponent BJP candidate Preetham J Gowda of BJP and finally, BJP nailed the Dewe Gowda fort with Preetham J Gowda winning with 63348 votes and defeating the JD(s) candidate by 13006 votes.

Voters here has always suffered from an acute shortage of drinking water, lack of infrastructure, crisis in the agriculture sector and growing unemployment after Gowda quit as Prime Minister. The region also has unfinished airport started under the Gowda’s leadership. But now BJP will surely address all the needs of the people of the constituency and solve their all problems.

Clearly, the verdict of Karnataka elections has favoured BJP. The main aim right now of Congress and JD (S) is just not let the BJP come into power that is why they are opting for dubious means. They are abusing the mandate of Kannadigas who have decisively voted against Congress. Anyhow, whatever the high political drama is going on currently in Karnataka the high chances are that BJP will form the government in the Karnataka.

 People may not understand the language but they clearly understand the sentiments. They clearly understand the intentions. There’s a language of love, respect & admiration which doesn’t need words. They very well know how the Congress party has looted them since years and has rejected the corrupt and divisive party. People of Karnataka has voted for change and slammed the appeasement politics.

Source: Economic Times