Five Kerala priests blackmailed and sexually abused a married woman! Here’s what the church did to them

There seems to be more and more skeletons tumbling out of the cupboard ( or rather can I say Church) and this will end up with unimaginable ramifications.

Without second thoughts, Kerala has 100% literacy as well as communism, which is a known fact to all. No doubt Church will safeguard its people, starting from the Pope to local pastors. And of course, the Communist Party has nothing to do with the term “Justice”, as they are hungry for Catholic votes!!

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in Kerala has sent five priests on leave after they were accused of blackmailing and sexually abusing a married woman over a few years. The church working committee member and priests’ trustee Father M O John said an inquiry panel had been formed to look the allegation against the five priests.

Rahul Gandhi, I hope you have the guts to ask the Government of Kerala and the agencies to conduct a fair investigation about this case. No Church, No Mosque or No Temple is above the Law of the Country. Its High Time for Uniform Civil Code to be applied.

So Church law is above a Nation’s law. Who gives the right to the Church to conduct an inquiry on priests accused of sexually abusing a woman through blackmail? These men should be in jail and the Kerala Police should be investigating this matter, not the Church!

Any criminal offence must be dealt only and only with Police or law & order and definitely not the Church or any religious institution for that matter. They should have referred the matter to the Police authorities before conducting any internal inquiry, this can lead to serious offense.

“The five priests… have been asked to keep away from officiating all priestly duties and function as head of parishes. They are not under suspension. Their fate would be decided only after the inquiry report,’’ said Fr John.

This dilly-dallying by the Church is only to protect the accused. Ideally, the church should have thrown the accused to the law enforcement agencies for conducting an impartial investigation. Religious bodies are not authorized to handle law and order in a country or state. These people also have started moving on the path of Islamic preachers and are treating their religion above the nation. And this will again lead to misconceptions.

Whenever a Baba is accused of Sexual abuse, his case is handled by Police. I guess same in case of Maulvi. But in Church’s case, Kerala Church authorities formed committee to investigate Sexual abuse by 5 Priests.

1) Why Church didn’t complain to Police?

2) Why CPM Govt is mum?

The social media warriors have raised the right pointer on this issue. And also, whenever a Baba is accused of sexual abuse, the entire paid media throngs to interview the accusers, catch unflattering shots of the baba but prove the allegations in whirlwind trials by media. Why in this case, it’s only a buzz in Social media?

This is a complete picture as to how the Government can be so biased, while freely allowing the miscreants to falsely persecute Hindu gurus but at the same time stay mum on Church rape cases??