Flag controversy: Congress trying to convert Karnataka state into Kashmir?

British are indirectly ruling India with the help of their sister organisation is Congress. “Divide and rule” is still in practise, read to know how.

Certain regional political parties have tried to remain in the mainstream by following just one trick; by blaming that the central government is suppressing that particular state’s cultural and peoples’ views. Congress, which once ruled India, has resorted to the same tactic. Yes, Congress is slowly turning into a “regional party” as it is losing one after the other state elections.

Why Karnataka Congress started the flag controversy?

Karnataka is the largest Congress ruled state and next year will be the state elections. So CM Siddaramayya has no good reasons to ask his people to vote and elect him again. Karnataka has become a hell to almost everyone, Hindu workers are targeted, communal violence is increasing and honest officers are ill-treated. So it decided to grab back its voters by saying that they are with Karnataka. So they decided to form a separate flag for Karnataka government. Till now only Jammu and Kashmir has its official flag under the Article 370 of the Constitution.

Here comes the dirty trick of Congress

Congress never believes in “ONE NATION, ONE FLAG”, because its ideologies are against India.

Spokesperson of Home Ministry said that “We are one nation, one flag. Legally there is no provision either for providing or prohibiting a separate flag for any state.

So when there is no provision for another flag, why does Congress trying to divide India. Now, if Karnataka BJP opposes this, than CM Siddaramayya will tag them as anti-Karnataka during election campaigns and try to garner votes.

The CM Siddaramayya led Congress government has formed a nine-membercommittee to submit a report on forming a separate flag for the Karnataka state.

Jammu and Kashmir has a separate flag and we know its condition where Pakistan and ISIS flags is seen fluttering every now and then. So is Congress intending to make Karnataka another Kashmir? Recently even the usage of Hindi language in metro was hugely opposed in Karnataka

From Nehru to Manmohan Singh (actually Sonia Gandhi), Congress has been in power by dividing India. Should we, the responsible citizens permit this blunder to happen again?

In nation, to stay in news, Congress had coined terms like “Intolerance” and “Lynching”. Congress don’t even deserve to be an opposition party, did it let any parliament sessions to function properly?

Is Congress a political party of India or an agent of Pakistan?

Nishika Ram