Flood in Gujarat but Sonia Gandhi arranges a disco night to its MLAs

Congress has given yet another reason to its voters so that they would dump it in the upcoming elections. Gujarati’s had voted and elected the candidates as MLAs to protect them and uphold their interest. But Congress MLAs are busy in enjoying in various recreational works.

Flood agencies have reported that due to torrential rain and release of water from dams, 4.5 lakh people in Gujarat are affected. After the rescue mission launched, around 39,000 people have been relocated and 11,400 have been rescued by the Indian Army, Air Force and National and State Disaster Response Forces.

What the Congress MLAs have done will boil the blood of the Guajarati people. Yes, the 44 MLAs were busy enjoying a disco night at the cost of the tax payer’s money. The Gujarat MLAs who had landed in Karnataka on Saturday enjoyed their stay in the Eagleton resort. Sonia Gandhi ensured that they won’t be denied any luxurious facility while the people are worst affected in the flood.

This drama is done just to push Mr Ahmed Patel into the Rajya Sabha. Will Congress leader Sonia Gandhi speak out what measure has she taken up to help out the flood affected people? This is absolutely a mockery of voters by the Sonia Gandhi led Congress party.

How can these MLAs enjoy the disco night? Previously, we had heard the opposition shouting at PM Modi for having regular foreign visits even though it helped India to transform into a global power. But today, Congress has done this shameless act and the sad part is that they will agree that they have done anything wrong.

In Bofors scam, the Congress didn’t speak a word even though the papers said that Rajiv Gandhi had done mistakes. Even in the Samjhauta Express blast, Congress didn’t give any clarification even though the narco-analysis proved that it was not done by RSS workers but by the Jihadi terrorists.

This is the time for the Supreme Court to interfere voluntarily because firstly they have literally kidnapped 44 MLAs from Gujarat and secondly the MLAs are denied to help the voters of Gujarat and this is happening on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi.

Source: http://www.republicworld.com/s/4020/floods-in-gujarat-mlas-enjoy-karaoke-in-bengaluru

Nishika Ram