For helping Pakistan, China gets trapped in its own web! Now China has to either dump terrorism, or else get exposed front of the world

China again taking advantage of its veto power yesterday blocked bid to list Masood Azhar as global terrorist. It again served as a roadblock in the action against terrorism. But if China thinks it would continue like this always and under the barb of its veto power it will be supporting terrorism then China is mistaken

Because there is an alternative route which the UN Members can follow and put China in a tight spot exposing it in front of all. And the United Nation Members have already started moving in that direction

The members have today warned to China that if it continues like this then the members will follow an alternative route but will not let this happen anymore. So China should better watch its action or be ready to be exposed in front of all for its favouritism to terrorism

The Alternative Route which UN Members can follow

Although the proceedings and decisions by which the sanctions committee lists terrorists are confidential and members do not have to explain their vote.

But, according to rules and regulations of the listing of terrorists by the UN there is still a clause of escalating the stalled designation proposal to the Security Council where the member country blocking the bid will be forced to defend its defence of a well-known terrorist in full public view.

The Open UNSC proceedings will be telecasted live. Thus China will be forced to take a stand publicly, “in full view” of those watching the live feed as it either defends its opposition to the designation of a man who is undeniably a terrorist or give up

This is the fourth time that China has placed a hold on this listing. The proposal to ban terrorist Masood Azhar has been earlier brought three times in front of UN in past 10 years. In 2009 and 2016, India moved the UN’s Sanctions Committee to ban Masood Azhar,the mastermind of attack on the air base in Pathankot in January 2016 .

India was joined by the P3 nations -the US, the UK and France in the 2016 proposal. In 2017 also, these P3 countries moved a similar proposal at the UN. And yesterday again the proposal was moved to designate him as terrorist. However, China, using its veto power, has again blocked the proposal from being adopted by the UN.

But now it won’t be able to do so. If China does not watch its action then member countries will follow the alternative route of moving to higher level which would be an unprecedented move and a “public” rebuke of China



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