For P Chidambaram, terming Hindu terrorism without proof was credible, but with proof one cannot call those who planned assassination of Prime Minister urban Naxals!

In the year 2008, just 15 days before the devastating 26/11 terror attack took place, the then government had along with Maharashtra ATS had arrested Col. Srikanth Purohit and few other serving army officers accusing them in the Malegaon blast case.

According to Col. Purohit, he was abducted by the police under the instructions of higher officials and was tortured to turn approver in the Malegaon blast. He was put in jail for nearly 9 years without proof or FIR. The Congress government had then invented the name Hindu Terror with an ill intention of protecting the real terrorists of 26/11 attack.

Col. Purohit an upright officer, who was working in the intelligence wing of the anti insurgency operations was framed in the dirty political game of Congress calling him a Hindu Terror. Chidambaram who was then the Home Minister had taken personal interest to prevent Col Purohit from getting bail.

But the same Chidambaram today is giving lecture to the country not to term those people who have been arrested for inciting Bhima Koregaon violence and plotting the assassination of PM Modi as Urban Naxals. The entire secular brigade who have gone bonkers after the police arrested many leftists, are trying their best to prove themselves innocent.

The Congress which is openly backing these urban naxals has now fielded P Chidambaram to defend their action. Chidambaram in a press conference in Nagpur said that “There is no such thing as “Urban Naxalism”. They are Left-wing intellectuals. They are working with tribals and the downtrodden. They are being intimidated by the government because they are perceived as strong opponents of the Right-wing. The Supreme Court has come down heavily on the arrests and disallowed police custody. In the three days since they were arrested, not a shred of evidence has been put forth. These are strong-arm tactics to muzzle freedom of expression and kill any ideological opposition. The arrests were made to instil fear in those speaking against the BJP government.”

When Chidamabaram was questioned about their arrest during UPA government, he said “I was not Home minister then. If they were arrested for their Leftist views and activities then it was wrong then, and it is wrong now”, he added.

But the fact is, the police have arrested these Urban Naxals only after they found scathing evidence against them in their residence. The police seized hundreds of letters, CDs, and video documents which clearly showed their links with Maoists and terrorists.

P Chidamabaram who thinks arresting Urban Naxals with proof is a gimmick and ploy my Modi government to silence the voice of left activists, should answer on what basis did the police arrest Col Purohit 9 years back? Why were they unable to provide single evidence against him? Why was he denied bail despite having no FIR against him?

On what proof, did the Congress invent the word Hindu Terror and called the RSS a terror organisation?

So, if Congress could term innocents as Hindu terror without proof, what is wrong is terming those people who have been found to have links with Maoists and terrorists as Urban Naxals?

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