For playing ‘Suprabhatham’ in temple, Hindu priest of Shiva Sai temple in Hyderabad lynched

Recently we had seen how a fight between few of the minor kids over a playing spot was given the colour of lynching by the journalists of few of the propaganda websites after an 8 year old Muslim boy died during the scuffle.

Later the father of the deceased boy (Mohammad Azeem) had to step in to say that it was not an act of communal fight or lynching. He had said “Please do not politicise my son’s death. This is not a communal matter. It was an accident. I used to speak to him regularly. He never suggested that he was being bothered or troubled by anyone”.

Yet we didn’t see any apology from The Wire’s journalist Rohini Singh, JNU student and passionate hatred spewer Shehla Rashid and many more.

But today, an incident of lynching has taken place but all the placard seculars, liberals and media houses are silent because the man who was lynched to death was a 62-year-old priest, D Satyanarayana of Shiva Sai temple at Pochamma Maidan. And the man who lynched the temple priest was Natiq Hussaini of LB Nagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Temple priest was lynched to death for playing Suprabhatham. Yes, you heard it right!

On October 26th when Suprabhatham was being played through loud speakers by D Satyanarayana of Shiva Sai temple, a fanatic named Natiq Hussaini argued with the temple priest to stop it. But when the temple priest didn’t agree to stop the Suprabhatham, Natiq Hussaini carried out a physical attack at the priest.

The attack was so brutal that the priest suffered multiple injuries and was admitted to MGM hospital. On 31st October the priest Satyanarayana was shifted to NIMS hospital in Hyderabad as his condition deteriorated. And on November 1st he died. The Brahmin Seva Samithi, BJP, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal and many other Hindu organisations condemned the lynching of Hindu priest and held protests.

The police said “Natiq Hussaini demanded the priest to stop the loud speaker of the temple, which was playing Suprabhatham. An argument was ensued between them when the priest refused to do so. Following which Natiq attacked the priest”.

But what is shocking is the smart silence of certain elite class activists and the pseudo torch bearers of communal harmony. We all saw how there was nation wide outrage against Junaid’s killing even though there was no communal angle behind it. But today when a Hindu priest is lynched for playing Suprabhatham, all have gone into an alarming silence.


Hansika Raj