For the first time in the history of Kashmir, five candidates of Bhartiya Janta Party have been elected unopposed in Local Body Elections

For the first time in the history of Kashmir, five candidates of Bhartiya Janta Party have been elected unopposed in local body elections of Kashmir. This is the first win by BJP since the first election to constituent Assembly of Jammu & Kashmir which was held in 1951.

The candidates have won from three Municipal Committees in South Kashmir districts of worst terror affected areas Kulgam and Islamabad respectively. The candidates were elected uncontested as no nominations were filed against these candidates from the respective areas till the last date (25 September) of filling nominations.

Out of the five candidates two candidates have won uncontested from two seats of Achabal, two candidates from Kulgam and one from Devsar Municipal Committees

The candidates who have won election are husband –wife duo Babloo Gosani &Jyoti Gosani, aunt- nephew duo Urmila Bali and Rishap Bali and Satish Zutshi.

Babloo Gosani and his wife, Jyoti Gosani won uncontested from Ward No 13 and Ward No 7 respectively from Kulgam Municipal Committee. Urmila Bali and her Rishap Bali won uncontested from Ward No 1 and Ward No 2 of Achabal Municipal Committee respectively.

Lone BJP candidate Satish Zutshi was elected uncontested from eight member Municipal Committee of Devsar in Kulgam district. In Devsar Municipal Committee the party has fielded eight candidates for all eight wards However; other seven candidates are facing a challenge from Congress and Independents.

The two mainstream political parties of Jammu & Kashmir National Conference (NC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have boycotted the elections on no response from the central government of its stand on Article 35A. Separatists have boycotted the elections too

Moreover Congress, CPIM and other smaller parties also didn’t fielded candidates in these Municipal wards making it easy for BJP to win.

This announcement of victory has been made by Surinder Ambdar who represents BJP in Jammu and Kashmir Legislative council

“My congratulations to “Manniya” Ashok Koul ji General secretary organisation and to the entire team of BJP displaced District headed by Chand Jee Bhat T N Bhat and special congratulations to Saraf Veer General secretary org. south Kashmir and his team for their efforts in tiring conditions,” Senior BJP leader Surinder Ambardar wrote on Facebook.

BJP is trying its best to make roads in the Kashmir valley. The party has taken initiative to bring development to all the regions of the state by strengthening the democratic institutions despite any hurdles would ensure that good Governance and basic amenities reach to the last man standing and the last household

‘Karyakartas’ of BJP are showing the way to people due to which the dark clouds of helplessness and fear are passing away and many more have plunged in this fray of elections to local bodies in Kashmir valley to ensure their people get all kinds of basic amenities which include “Bijli, Sadak and Pani” thus paving way for progressive society.

The ULB polls will be held in four phases from 8 to 16 October. The panchayat elections will be held in nine phases on a non-party basis beginning 17 November. The notification for the first phase of panchayat elections will be issued on 23 October.

BJP has entered into the election fray in Kashmir with full vigor and enthusiasm to strengthen the nationalist forces in the State. Further this win has given BJP an upper hand in elections

Source : Jansatta

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