For the first time in the history of Pakistan, a Hindu candidate wins the National Assembly seat!

In a land where hardly any Hindus are found, in a land where Hindus are forcefully converted, in a land where Hindu women are raped, has finally witnessed something extraordinary. Yes, a Hindu man has won the election for the first time in Pakistan.

Earlier in Pakistan, the non-Muslims didn’t have any rights to neither vote nor contest the elections. But 16 years ago, the terror nation Pakistan allowed non-Muslims to vote and contest in the elections. Note that by then there were hardly any minorities in Pakistan.

Since then it was for the first time that a Hindu leader won in the general elections of Pakistan. Hindu politician Mahesh Kumar Malani of the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) has now become the first Hindu candidate to win a National Assembly election, 16 years after non-Muslims got the right to vote and contest on general seats in the country.

Mahesh Kumar Malani win by securing 1,06,630 votes!

The constituency in which he contested and won was National Assembly (NA-222) Tharparkar-II seat in southern Sindh province. He achieved this victory after defeating 14 rival candidates. The votes secured by Mahesh Kumar Malani was 1,06,630 votes whereas his opponent Arbab Zakaullah of the Grand Democratic Alliance managed to secure 87,251 votes.

After the victory, Mahesh Malani said “the love received from the people of Tharparkar for my family is unconditional and countless. My family and I are more than grateful for the people of Tharparkar. Jeay Bhutto Jeay Awam”.

Dr Mahesh Malani, who is a Pakistani Hindu Rajasthani Pushkarna Brahmin politician, had entered the parliament in 2003 as a member but on a reserved seat, as he was nominated by the PPP.

Mahesh Malani have had held several positions in his political career. He had served not just as the chairperson of the Sindh Assembly’s Standing Committee on Food, but also been the member of various standing committees.

The 2002 amendment that let the non-Muslims to contest elections!

Presently, seats are reserved for the non-Muslims in the Senate, national and provincial assemblies. Out of these, ten seats are reserved for minorities in the National Assembly. These seats are allotted to the parties on basis of the number of seats they have in the parliament.

After the then president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf made amendments in the Constitution in the year 2002, the non-Muslims of Pakistan got the right to vote and contest on general seats of the parliament and provincial assemblies.

It should be also noted that in the month of March this year, PPP’s Krishna Kumari from Tharparkar became the first Hindu woman to be elected to the Senate. She was elected to a reserved seat for women from Sindh.

Even though the Indians were not happy with the victory of former cricketer Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), which was a puppet of the rogue Pakistani Army, there is something to celebrate for the Hindus. Yes, not just Dr Mahesh Malani but two more Hindu leader have won the general elections on July 25th.

They are Gyanchand Esrani from Sanghar and Hari Ram Kishori Lal from Hyderabad. It is a coincidence that all these three belonged to the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP).

Source: DNA India

Hansika Raj


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