For the first time Tripura government decides to dump left oriented school syllabus, to implement CBSE curriculum from next year!

It is well known fact that the Indian school syllabus is dominated with stories influenced by colonial mindset glorifying those people who literally destroyed our culture and values. It is often complained that the school syllabus have neglected some of the greatest warriors, Kings and freedom fighters of our country and has only accommodated those who were politically influential and belonged to the elite class.

The stories of Subash Chandra Bose, the formation of Indian National Army and his disappearance have been completely ignored, the contributions of Bhgat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Raj Guru have been eliminated but rather they have been called revolutionary terrorists. The glorious history of Vijayanagar empire, Cholas, Mauryas and the great saints of India have been neglected to the core while the Mughals who were responsible for the genocide of millions of Hindus, destruction of thousands of temples have been given unimaginable importance.

But for the first time ever, the Tripura Government has taken a tough stance to dump the false glorification of British and Mughals and has decided to introduce the right history into CBSE text books.

Education minister Ratan Lal Nath on Friday evening said the government has decided to revise the text books and introduce new chapters into it. “The government would introduce NCERT textbooks and CBSE syllabus from the next academic session in place of the present curriculum prescribed by the State Council of Educational Research and Training,” Nath said.

A team of NCERT experts is scheduled to arrive here on December 3 to impart a three-month-long training to the teachers about the new syllabus, he added.  “We shall introduce complete NCERT textbooks and CBSE syllabus from next academic year, because the students in our state are lagging behind the standard of the country. We want them to be as competitive as students of other states,” Nath informed the assembly. News !8 Report

“The previous Left Front regime had indulged in communalisation of the school curriculum by teaching wrong lessons to students,” Nath alleged.

The decision of Tripura government is much welcome as it will stop the kids from being brain washed and misleading them from actual truth.

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