Forensic Science Laboratory Report bursted the propaganda of semen filled balloons thrown at 2 students of LSR College:No semen detected!!!

Again an attempt to defame Holi Festival by self proclaimed secular and liberals has been tightly slapped. The propaganda of Holi balloon that they had spread bursted back on their face as the Forensic Science Laboratory after research has come out with a report which states that no semen could be detected on the balloon sample submitted by the two students of the Lady Shriram College who had alleged that semen filled balloon were thrown at them on the eve of Holi earlier this year.

The report states that the forensic tests found no traces of semen or any chemical substance on the clothes of the Lady Shriram College students sent for examination. It is found that the balloons thrown at the women were filled with some coloured substance mixed with water.

In February this year, a girl from Lady Shriram College had narrated an incident on Instagram claiming that she and her friend were hit with semen-filled balloons in Delhi’s Amar Colony market. “For the past eighteen years of my life, I had had the great PRIVILEGE of not having semen flung at me, and I hadn’t even realised just what a fine life I had been allowed to live-Commuting on roads without having things thrown at me by groups of men! *gasp* imagine such a luxury!” the post read.

The post sparked outrage and authorities had to intervene. Two separate complaints were filed at Greater Kailash police station against unknown persons for throwing liquid-filled balloons, which they suspected contained semen. During the investigation, the clothes of the complainants worn at the time of the incident were taken and sent to Forensic Science Laboratory for examination.

According to the reports, Many people supported this claim of girls and started giving bizarre statements and attacking the Holi festival and incidents happening near to Holi festival with girls while others completely denied it based on different perspectives. Some people who denied it were of the view that it was not physically possible to collect so much semen in one balloon to throw at as many as two-three women and it’s an attempt to defame Holi festival.

While others were having too many doubt and questions in their mind relating to the incident as 

1) How can a girl throw semen on other girls?
2) How the so called victims concluded that the balloon was filled with semen?
3) Where did the Girl get so much quantity of Semen to fill balloon?
4) Presence of Semen was detected by which laboratory?
5) How did Sagarika Ghose find out the religion of Semen?

Anyway, now all these doubts are cleared by the forensic report. The problem with some of the people is that they react too fastly on matters without thinking logically and over judging everything. But the report by forensic department has tight slapped all those people and provided them with a befitting reply that Let the appropriate organizations do their work and perfectly evaluate everything and you people should stay away. You should not intervene and keep your bizarre logics with yourself. Don’t jump for imposing your ideologies for spreading hate and creating communal tensions.