Forget a tough fight, it won’t be a surprise if NDA wins 400+ seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections! Here’s why

Yesterday was an important day in the history of the nation. All the nationalists were glued to their TV Screens to watch the no-confidence motion proceeding in the Parliament passed by the Opposition against the working Government. Although the outcome of the NO-Confidence Motion was clear even before the voting process but still the opposition desired to challenge the people’s verdict and add another self-goal to their kitty.

The Congress President attacked the government over unfulfilled promises and “jumla strike” during the debate over the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha. The Congress leader brought up demonetisation, goods and service tax, farmers’ issues and also spoke at length about the Rafale deal. The Congress leader peppered his hour-long speech with constant barbs at Modi, who, he alleged, “cannot look me in the eye”. Without any proof, he targeted the ministers of the current Government. He did complete drama in the house from telling lies, hugging PM Modi to winking his fellow leader.

But PM Modi answered the opposition back in the same language they understand. He completely ripped apart the opposition. Not only the PM Modi Government won the NO-Confidence Motion but showed the opposition where they stand in front of him.

Earlier, According to claims made by the Congress party, they were having enough number to downturn PM Modi Government. It was said that 222 MPs were supporting Rahul Gandhi and team. Those were 63 of the Congress-led UPA, 37 of AIADMK, 34 of TMC, 20 BJD, 16 TDP and 11 TRS. But what finally the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi team managed to grab were just 125 seats. The screen displaying 325 “noes” and “125 ayes” in Lok Sabha opened the eyes of the Opposition about PM Modi’s popularity and demolished the claim of opposition that if they stand united they can defeat PM Modi.

If we analyse the outcome of yesterday motion and compare it to  2014 elections results, then also it clearly indicates that nobody can stop Modi Government from coming to power in 2019. In 2014, the National Democratic Alliance won a sweeping victory, taking 336 seats. The seat distribution of BJP and its alliance was as shown below

NDA Seats
BJP 282
Shiv Sena 18
Shiromani Akali Dal 4
TDP 16
Lok Jan Shakti Party 6
Apna Dal 2
Others 8

BJP’s seats in the LokSabha has reduced currently to 272  causing the party loss of 10 seats as compared to 2014. Moreover its allies in 2014, Shiv Sena abstaining from voting and TDP agitating against it cause further loss of 34 seats to NDA. The NDA alliance overall had lost 44 seats in comparison to 2014 standing currently at 292 but still managed to steal the show yesterday and won the No Confidence Motion with a massive 325 seats.

Even some of the NDA allies not supporting BJP doesn’t affect their win and they came out with flying colours. The allies can’t deny that Modi wave is still there and will continue in upcoming LokSabha Elections too.

On the other hand, The United Progressive Alliance, led by the Indian National Congress, won only 59 seats in 2014 of which Congress party won only 44 seats. It was the Congress party’s worst defeat in a general election. In order to become the official opposition party in India, a party must gain 10% of the seats (54 seats) in the Lok Sabha however; the Indian National Congress was unable to attain this number also. And after 2014 also, the Congress party has shown worst performance in almost all the elections. Moreover, the opposition uniting against PM Modi for 2019 doesn’t have any capable leader that can stand in front of PM Modi. It indicates there are almost no chance of opposition to downturn Modi Government.

Yesterday’s no-confidence motion has completely naked the so-called opposition alliance in front of the people and its hatred towards the Prime minister. The Opposition without a majority and objective not just brought a purposeless motion against the Government which enjoys the country’s full trust and faith, but has also performed an act of crushing the democracy.

The condition of the opposition has become such pathetic that once enemies, who even can’t see each other has come together to downturn PM Modi & his Government but yesterday made them realize that they can’t even harm a hair on his head. The outcome even represented that the Congress allies dumped it and Opposition is in no mood to support Congress party and are not willing to form any alliance under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The No-Confidence Motion yesterday showed that it is a victory of democracy and a defeat of dynasty politics.