Forget elections see what Modi Government has done to Vadra, he has been affected mentally because of BJP

Shaken by the raids of Enforcement Directorate (ED) on him and Modi Government’s action against the scamsters the Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s brother in law Robert Vadra is in state of continuous fear that he will be the next one.

Resorting to cheap tactics, Robert Vadra alleged BJP saying BJP is mentally harassing him and his family. He shifted the blame on BJP of all the bad acts done by him in the past and called the investigation against him baseless and politically motivated

In the interview to Thelka magazine Vadra said “I am a Robert Vadra, a citizen of this country; And I would like to talk to you people about how from past 4.5 years BJP has been troubling me and my family. Me my family and my kids have been affected mentally. I would like to tell everyone that BJP has been misusing power and continuously troubling me.”

Vadra further said that “The thing is that I am married into a political family, if I am married into a political family, what is my fault in that?”He further added saying that “If BJP had even one proof against me; they would have sent me in prison by now”

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday carried out raids against three people linked to Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra in connection with the ‘alleged commissions’ received by some suspects in defence deals and illegal assets abroad

Earlier also, a day before Robert Vadra has termed the ED actions against him as a political witch hunt against him. Vadra said that although he is fully cooperating with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection to Bikaner Land Case but still ED is continually harassing him. He attacked PM Modi Government and said it is all inspired by the political intentions behind it to hurt his dignity and reputation.

Other senior Congress leaders like Randeep Singh Surjewala & Abhishek Manu Singhvi also hit at Modi Government and termed it as political vendetta and cowardice act of Government.

Not only the leaders attacked PM Modi Government but also threatened the officials of Enforcement Department & CBI indirectly that they can’t raid Robert Vadra and Dynasty by issuing them warning indirectly that time doesn’t remain same everytime, Governments come & go, Political masters not always remain same.

This is shameful nature of Congress party which after committing corruption threaten the officials and attack the Government for taking any action against them. But one thing Congress party should keep in mind that this is fearless Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is not at all affected by the bla-bla of Congress leaders

It is just the start by PM Modi Government. It is just the trailer of the movie, the movie is yet to be released very soon and all Congress party and its leaders are going to pay for the every bad deed done by them.

Source : ABP