Forget farm loan waivers in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Congress-JDS government in karnataka has only helped 800 farmers with 44,000 crore!

After Congress won the 3 state elections couple days back, Rahul Gandhi and his team are making big statements about waiving off farmers loans within 10 days of forming government. It is a well known that waiving off farm loans is definitely not a easy job as it would put huge burden on tax payers and the government.

But these empty promises are being made by the Congress which thinks it can fool people. The Congress which won Madhya Pradesh with just 5 votes more, has made big announcements in all excitement.But the real fact is, the Congress under Siddaramaiah government did not care a little for farmers and even after they formed government with JDS they have completely ignored the farmers.

Before Karnataka elections, the Congress had promised to waive off farm loans. The same promise was made by JDS too which said all farmers will be given loan waiver within 24 hours. But it has been 6 months and not one promise has been fulfilled by the government. According to a report published in TOI, four months after the announcement of the Rs 44,000-crore farm loan waiver scheme, the state government admitted that only 800 farmers were benefited.

So, does it mean each farmer got 55 crore Mr. Kumaraswamy and Rahul Gandhi??

Cooperation minister Bandeppa Kashempur told the legislative assembly that only about 800 farmers have availed benefits of the scheme, announced by the CM on July 5. In his party’s manifesto and in pre-election rallies, Kumaraswamy had vowed to waive farmer loans within 24 hours.

Justifying the delay, Kashempur said the government was expecting 43 lakh applications from farmers, including 20 lakh farmers who have availed loans from cooperative banks and the rest from nationalized banks. Kashempur said commercial and district central cooperative banks have been asked to submit information. The two databases submitted by farmers and the banks — were to be crosschecked before preparing the final list, known as green list. The slow implementation of the scheme was mainly due to the delay in generating the second green list, and not because of shortage of funds.
The government is now giving excuses to cover up their lies and trying to justify the delay. But Rahul Gandhi hasn’t spoken a word on farm loan waiver but is instead hiding himself from Karnataka.

While the CM of Karnataka is busy touring all temples and Masjids to protect his chair, the state has become a leaderless government where there is no accountability, no responsibility and no governance. This is a lesson to know what collision governments can do to state.

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